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    Default Nino Cerruti (1979) and Fair Play

    I used to love this discontinued fragance... had a original sample and loved when I was a teenager; now I'm searching a bottle of this retro gem... it's not only the smell but the memories...


    But I see there's another vintage fragance called Nino Cerruti Fair Play... I think from 1986... it shares the same rectangular bottle and the box is near similar too; anyone had tried this version? any similarities with the original '79 Nino Cerruti??
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    Default Re: Nino Cerruti (1979) and Fair Play

    They're not very similar. Whereas Nino Cerruti (1979) is all about the successful integration of a floral aspect, Fair Play is emphasizing herbal, mossy and woodsy aspects. If you've smelled VC&A's "Tsar", you know the general direction although I'd prefer Fair Play because it has a little bit more depht and warmth thanks to a better base. Fair Play was fairly good in hindsight but not nearly as original or uniqe as Nino Cerruti (1979).
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    Default Re: Nino Cerruti (1979) and Fair Play

    Great fragrances - Have both in my collection

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    Default Re: Nino Cerruti (1979) and Fair Play

    Thank you very much for the info... I'm searching something similar to the original Cerruti but I think is a lost battle!!

    I 've heard old Givenchy Insense had similarities with NC '79... I can't say anything cause I didn't tried yet...

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