Well my teenage daughter is turning 17 next weekend and I have already made my mind up that I am going to get her a brand new perfume. I am not sure if I can explain what she likes because I am not 100% sure what she likes, apparently I bought her some perfume from the mall a few years ago that came in a tall bottle and my daughter absolutely loved it but neither of us have any idea what it might have been nor what it really smelled like .

Anyways I have been looking around and I think I will be getting her the True Religion Hippie Chic gift set for 78$ at either Macy's or Dillards, from what I have read about this scent and from the reviews I think it would be fine. My question would be do you think this is fine for a teenage girl? Especially one that likes to spritz a couple of times on her heck, couple of times on her shirt and a good spritz in her hair .

Just incase Hippie Chic is not a good teen scent then here is a little info -----
I am not sure if this info will be of any help but I gave her my bottle of Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue pour homme since I thought it was a little to light for me and she thought it smelled manly at first but is warming up to it.
Also after smelling my bottle of Versace pour homme she covered her self in it (this is how I found out how much she sprays on herself ). Plus she also took my bottle of Cerruti Image.... not that I cared because it smelled a little soapy to me.

Blah I am long winded but I hope this helps.

PS. Thanks in advance for any help or advice.