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Thread: Body Kouros

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    Default Re: Body Kouros

    I got sick of it very quickly and never liked it too much to begin with.

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    Default Re: Body Kouros

    Love it, awesome juice!

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    Default Re: Body Kouros

    Very underrated. Wish I knew about it when I was younger.

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    Default Re: Body Kouros

    Neutral, I do acknowledge it as a good scent, but strictly subjectively, I do like other YSL scents far more.

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    Default Re: Body Kouros

    Quote Originally Posted by noirdrakkar View Post
    Its opening notes are sugar cane and eucalyptus. They are the two strongest and most notable notes. I would have appreciated more ingredients, but this one is for people who want a simpler scent.
    I don't think you have really gotten a handle on this scent. The last way I would ever have described it is as a sugar cane and eucalyptus scent.

    From Fragrantica,
    "Top notes are eucalyptus and incense; middle notes are chinese cedar and clary sage; base note is benzoin."

    From OsMoz,
    "The brisk nutmeg and eucalyptus scent contrasts with the smoky, spiritual smell of incense, then gives way to the warmth of leather, produced by benzoin, camphor wood and musk"

    I didn't like it much at all when it first came out, but it really grew on me. Now I think of it as something very special, not as something run of the mill.

    I voted "like", because while there are a few scents I may really like (almost love) wearing an awful lot at times, I don't love any scent.

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    Default Re: Body Kouros

    Love after it settles down

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    Default Re: Body Kouros

    Body Kouros is one of the few male fragrances that I love to wear, being a woman. I think it's a wonderful scent, it makes me feel sexy, in a powerful, joyful, full of life and energy way. It draws me back in the '80, when everybody wanted to be healthy and athletic, in an optimistic state of mind Love it!
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    Default Re: Body Kouros

    This is one that I almost love. Unfortunately, lurking beneath the sweet woody incense lies (to my nose) an annoying note that I can't get past. I can't clearly identify what it is, but it strikes me as one of those would-be "fresh" notes found in so many aquatics. It's very subtle in Body Kouros, but enough for me to notice and to make BK a lot less enjoyable than it is otherwise. When I test BK on my wrist, I always think, "Damn, that's good. Why don't I wear this more?" Then I give it a full wearing and remember why.

    I get the same type of note in Escada Magnetism, another sweet woody fragrance that I would otherwise love.
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    Default Re: Body Kouros

    Quote Originally Posted by dreamer81 View Post
    I just like it right now and probably would not rebuy (small decant is enough for life time). Unique, longlasting and sexy ... but I hardly wear it. It can be great signature for folks that love it.
    My thoughts exactly.
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    Default Re: Body Kouros

    Quote Originally Posted by CHSeifert View Post
    Love the hell out of it - awesome stuff !!
    This. One of my favourite scents.

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    Default Re: Body Kouros

    A really nice scent but unfortunately it lacks something to my nose. Something to make it that little bit more masculine.

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    Default Re: Body Kouros

    BK is one of the best smells ever. I took quite a risk when I blind bought it but I'm glad I did. BK is really a unique scent with a good longevity. If you really want to stand out BK is a right choice for you! I've also heard women love this juice. Just remember not to overspray it since it's pretty strong. Just 1-2 sprays to neck/chest and youre set. I can definitely see me wearing BK all year round. Thumbs up!

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    Default Re: Body Kouros

    Quote Originally Posted by synthetic View Post
    A really nice scent but unfortunately it lacks something to my nose. Something to make it that little bit more masculine.
    totally agree!
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    Default Re: Body Kouros

    Like wearing with leather jacket.

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    Default Re: Body Kouros

    I'm late to respond, but I love BK.
    I've never received a single compliment on this one, though, and I use 5-6 sprays (in the summer fragrances can disappear if you sweat), that's strange. It's really underrated. I don't think this has bad projection, as I smell it all day, so the absence of compliments is unexplainable.

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    Default Re: Body Kouros


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    Default Re: Body Kouros

    Actually prefer the original Kouros to Body Kouros. Don't like the spearmint eucalyptus notes. Do like the incensy vibe.

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    Default Re: Body Kouros

    Like it, but there are better options with extra interesting notes.

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    Like it, but there are better options with extra interesting notes.

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    Default Re: Body Kouros

    Horrible stuff. Too sweet, too flowery. Seems like it should be a women's fragrance to me. Also a blind buy based on some of the comments I first saw here. Won't be doing THAT again. It's very interesting how some people can love a fragrance and others can't stand it. A totally subjective thing.

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    Default Re: Body Kouros

    I didnt think Body Kouros was pleasant at all. To me, it was just a smell, and one that I didnt think anyone would find pleasing. I blind bought the bottle, and sold it quite quickly.

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