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    Default Re: Favorite Rainy Day Perfumes?

    I look for specific scents on rainy days only during the colder months. Today is miserable, grey and wet and I'm doused in Chamade and its promise of spring and feeling great.
    Pentachords Verdant also brings a welcome touch of the outdoors and the natural world when I am stuck inside.
    From the replies above, I can see how the bitter greens of Grey Flannel would probably also suit me on a cold rainy day - must try it then.
    One I wouldn't go for would be Apres l'Ondee - that would just make me miserable, I think. I'd save that for other days when the mood doesn't need lifting.
    I don't go for anything specific when it rains during summer months (maybe things like L'Ombre dans L'Eau or Eau de Campagne a bit more), because the rain doesn't really bother me then.

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    Default Re: Favorite Rainy Day Perfumes?

    Shame on me for forgetting who it is, but one astute BNer in their review of Bois des Iles, said something to the effect that it is the perfect antidote to a rainy day. I wholeheartedly agree !

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    Default Re: Favorite Rainy Day Perfumes?

    Serge Lutens' Chene is my go-to for our massive monsoon rains!
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    Default Re: Favorite Rainy Day Perfumes?

    Rainy days can require a fragrance that blends with the atmosphere or one that offers a contrast or release from the over-cast dampness. Mitsouko reminds me of musty, leather-bound books and of a day spent indoors reading. On the other hand, La Chasse aux Papillons Extreme evokes a sun-drenched field of flowers and provides a sunny pick-me-up. Also, and this is probably strange, Quelques Fleurs l`Original reminds me of freshly washed hair—I find this scent comforting during rainy weather.
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    Default Re: Favorite Rainy Day Perfumes?

    Fleur de Rocaille (1993) and Eau Premiere Chanel.
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    Default Re: Favorite Rainy Day Perfumes?

    If it's rainy and cold and I'm looking for coziness and warmth, I like Hypnotic Poison. If it's rainy and I want to evoke sunshine, I like Dyptique Oyedo or sometimes Guerlain Herba Fresca. And, to echo others, Sycomore seems to work for me in all seasons and all weather.
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    Default Re: Favorite Rainy Day Perfumes?

    I enjoy Hermes Un Jardin En Meditarranee on rainy summerdays.

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    Default Re: Favorite Rainy Day Perfumes?

    My favorites for a rainy day are Guerlain Apres l'Ondee and Guerlain L'Heure Bleue.

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    Default Re: Favorite Rainy Day Perfumes?

    I love to wear rose or iris perfumes during
    rainy weather:
    Voleur de Rose
    Fleur de The Rose Bulgare
    Rive Gauche
    Iris Poudre
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    Default Re: Favorite Rainy Day Perfumes?

    L' Instant edt.

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    Default Re: Favorite Rainy Day Perfumes?

    +1 for Bois des Iles
    Also any deep leather / smoky / non sweet tobacco's will be grt IMO.
    I like Bandit / Tuscan Leather / NR for Him / Knize 10 to name a few...
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    Default Re: Favorite Rainy Day Perfumes?

    For those about to stink, I salute you!

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    Default Re: Favorite Rainy Day Perfumes?

    Definitely Mitsouko
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    Default Re: Favorite Rainy Day Perfumes?

    Being that I live in the Seattle area it's always a rainy day. ; )

    Usually it's things that I'm not totally comfortable with wearing out of the house or am still learning to love. Rainy days are often a good time to experiment. If it's a stressful rainy day then I wear Amazing Grace since it reminds me of a specific time in my childhood when I felt level and protected.

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