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Thread: hi newb here

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    Default hi newb here

    im a complete noob when it comes to colognes. i was given a bottle of CK one about 2 years ago and have just used that when going out to parties/clubs/any social event.
    otherwise day to day i would just do a deodorant spray down.

    im 20years old and in university and will be buying my first cologne ever so have been doing some research and decided to post here.

    what ones would u recommend, i want something that smells really good, and will make the ladies go WOW.

    was thinking of armani code or cool water (after reading some reviews and best sellers on certain sites), although armani code does seem pretty expensive-is it worth the cost?

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    Default Re: hi newb here

    For your age group/setting, any of the mainstream commercial scents will work, Allure, Dolce & Gabbana Pour Homme, 1 Million, Le Male, Rochas Man, The Dreamer. Ultimately it depends on what your budget is.

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    Default Re: hi newb here

    I suggest you read the old threads on these questions by using the search feature. Also, this will likely be moved to the just starting out forum.

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    Default Re: hi newb here

    Yves Saint Laurent La Nuit De L'Homme and welcome to basenotes.
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    Default Re: hi newb here

    By the use of the term "in university" I assume you are not in the USA. If you are in the US, it's best to go to a local mall or department store and sample a few to get a feeling for what you like or don't like. Trust your nose first before following trends or the tastes of others. Then recommendations will probably be more fruitful after you establish some basic interests. Depending where you are, there may be some good stores where you can test.

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    Default Re: hi newb here

    Burberry London

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    Default Re: hi newb here

    It can be pretty damn intimidating going to the fragrance section of a dept store and having no idea what to try on, what's "considered" good/bad/etc. Fragrances like Armani Code and Cool Water are decent choices, but the problem is that you'll end up smelling like everyone else (actually not sure if Cool Water is still 'in'?). I would imagine you want to smell good but not like everyone else.

    My suggestion is to jot down the suggestions you get here or in similar threads (4-8 will do) and go out and smell them/try them on.

    Try not to judge the scent by what you smell in the first few seconds. Let it sit for a bit after spraying. Most designer scents will develop within the first 30-60mins at which point you can truly judge whether it's something you love/like/don't care for.

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    Default Re: hi newb here

    Quote Originally Posted by dresden View Post
    Try not to judge the scent by what you smell in the first few seconds. Let it sit for a bit after spraying. Most designer scents will develop within the first 30-60mins at which point you can truly judge whether it's something you love/like/don't care for.
    Very good advice.

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    Default Re: hi newb here

    Try to join in on some sample passes, where a basenoter assembles a collection and passes them about. New noses are welcome!
    Speaking as a female—albeit much older, I love anything with a leather note. Yatagan, a classic from Caron, should please both you and the ladies. If you like, I could send you a small sample, just pm me (send a private message, lots of acronyms here!)

    Wishing you the best.
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    Default Re: hi newb here

    Be adventurous, explore Comme Des Garcons, Smell Bent, Slumberhouse....

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    Default Re: hi newb here

    Abercrombie & Fitch Fierce. Perfect for your age group and young women really tend to enjoy its scent. Worth checking out.

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    Default Re: hi newb here

    You might enjoy Love & Luck by Ed Hardy. Nice smelling cologne for a cheap price.

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    Default Re: hi newb here


    Spicebomb by Viktor & Rolf - Upon application, one is treated to a somewhat refreshing, fruity and citric blend from the commingling of an orangey and peppery bergamot, the tangy bittersweetness of grapefruit and the mildly spicy fruitiness of pink pepper. And, an intriguing elemi showers the blend with its resinous and balsamic spiciness. Resultantly, an all-too-familiar, sweet, spicy, bubble-gum smell wafts to the waiting middle. Here, in the heart, the Bazooka-like opening is immersed in an enveloping stew of sweetly warm and earthy cinnamon, a pepperish paprika and a healthy dose of hay-like floral from saffron. A sweet, pipe tobacco undercurrent carries this inviting melange to the base. Here, the luxurious, cherry-almond, pipe tabacco comes into it own and interplays with the rich, green and smoky earthiness of vetiver. A faint background of a vanillic musk and leather present. A suave drydown ensues. This versatile and high-quality scent has good projection, with a 3-hour, scent cloud, and good longevity, 7-8- hours.


    Zirh Ikon by Zirh - One is initially treated to a zesty lemonade. Tart and tangy lemon interplays with davona flower, with its sweetly fruity aspect, and cardamon, with its mildly spicy, anise-tinged facets. Ginger sprinkles the melange with its peppery, lemony and green character. Transitioning to the heart, the citric brew succumbs to the darker aspects of the scent. Labdanum infuses its resinous, myrhh-like and slightly leather-like facets, commingling with a raw, spicy cinnamon as well as clove buds, with their charred wood and smokey aroma. An undercurrent of a citrusy, pine-like frankincense and earthy, green vetiver adds to the mystical aura, and flows to the base. Here, a rich amber alters the accommodating frankincense, which has come into its own, to a darker character. And, an almost creamy cedarwood intermingles with a balsamic patchouli, which imparts its earthiness coupled with camphoraceous and mossy nuances. An inviting drydown ensues. This manly composition is well blended, and challenges the domain of niche. A fall and winter scent, this spicy and dark fragrance has good projection, a 2-3 hour, scent cloud, and longevity, about 8 hours. Given its inexpensive price, it is a welcomed addition to one's fragrance wardrobe.


    L'Essence de Cerruti by Cerruti - One is initially treated to an invigorating bergamot, with its orangey bittersweetness and peppery facets. The freshness of the bergamot commingles with the compost-like and ever-so-slight barnyard aspects of white pepper. Segueing to the middle, the mintiness of birch encases the fresh opening, and infuses its wintergreen sweetness. A raw and somewhat phenolic leather wafts lightly in the background along with the hay-like character of saffron. Transitioning to the comforting base, a creamy cedar infuses its resinous and camphoraceous woodiness, along with the sweetly vanillic and faintly earthy quality of amber. A sensual, fur/skin-like and warm musk also presents. An alluring drydown ensues. This masculine composition is well blended, and has good longevity, 8+ hours, and average projection, being light enough for an office scent. Given its very reasonable, price point, this versatile and somewhat elegant composition is worthy of purchase.


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    Default Re: hi newb here

    For a cheaper Code, go with Dali Black Sun.

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