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    Default Ava Luxe Musks - which layer best with airy vanilla?

    Hello basenoters!

    Thanks to all the excellent suggestions here for wedding scents, I have narrowed down my list of potentials. I think I'd ideally like to wear Diptyque's Eau Duelle, in the solid form, and layer it with one of Ava Luxe's musks.

    Now, I LOVE Nude Musk, but it's probably my most worn scent, so I want a different musk for the wedding day, and also I think perhaps a slightly more powdery, soft musk. so... what are your thoughts and experiences of:

    AL White Musk
    AL Egyptian Musk
    AL Cashmere Musk
    AL Oriental Musk
    AL Vanilla Musk (is this just sort of like Love's True Bluish Light?)

    Eau Duelle is Vanilla, Cardammom, Tea and Juniper on me, very pale and airy.

    (the rest of the wedding shortlist includes: Lostmarc'h Lann-Ael, Musc Ravageur, Les Nombres D'Or Vanille [a little heavy, perhaps but so gorgeous], and Profumum's Battito d'Ali).
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