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    Question Amouage for women wich all men can easily wear ..all of them ??

    So far I do not understand why perfumers still make the differences regarding to genders.
    There are so many fragances UNISEX.
    The house AMOUAGE, for marketing purposes, keeps the differences.
    I learnt that many AMOUAGES are UNISEX.
    Women´s fragances can easily be worn by men, only, just taking into account their base notes.
    Base notes Men´s / Women´s occurs to be the same.There is a variation only in the top notes and medium.
    Frankincense, Cistus,etc.... are always present.
    Now, INTERLUDE comes also with AGARWOOD in its base notes..( one more for the team ).
    There is not, so far, Interlude for women.
    Thus, What AMOUAGE for women would you include in your buying list, a must buy , probably for being better than Men´s ....???

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    Default Re: Amouage for women wich all men can easily wear ..all of them ??

    I agree with you that all feminine ones could be worn by man (as long as they're good, that is). I particularly like Lyric woman, with its deep winey character. Gold woman used to be a wonder too, though I read it has been watered down. Still my favorite remains in the masculine range, Gold man.


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    Default Re: Amouage for women wich all men can easily wear ..all of them ??


    Epic Woman
    is perhaps my favorite amouage, hands down. I probably wear Amouage Woman more than the men´s offering (which I find to be the LOUDEST and most glare-inducing of the amouage line). The extract version is particulary gorgeous - really deep and rich, but the EDP is bright, long, lasting and perfectly passable as a really excellent masculine.

    I found Lyric Woman to be a bit too fruity (overly grape-like in my mind, so I understand Cacio's reference to WINE). I still prefer the darker men's release of Lyric.

    Memoir Man is one of my favorites, and I did not particularly care for the femme of that species.

    However, another Amouage Woman that gets favorable reviews on men is Jubilation 25. I liked it, but love the masculine too much to to be interested.

    If you could wear Gold Man, you can certainly wear the superior Woman edition. Ubar is an even more magestic rose. When it comes to the house´s take on rose, however, DON´T GO FOR THE GOLD.... go for the attar.... Homage. Without equal anywhere.

    So my vote goes for Epic Woman (though Interlude is getting a lot of attention).
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    Default Re: Amouage for women wich all men can easily wear ..all of them ??

    I also do not understand the genders. Gold Man is what would be called as a female fragrance and is sold as male.

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    Default Re: Amouage for women wich all men can easily wear ..all of them ??

    I need to test some more but I love Memoir Woman. I need more than my little half ml decant.
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    Default Re: Amouage for women wich all men can easily wear ..all of them ??

    Yeah, all of them can easily be worn by men too...assuming you like them

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