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    Hello, i'm looking for a new frag and i came ascross this one - Armani Pour Homme.
    So i am interested for comments of those who have it, my favorites are Trussardi Uomo, Escada Pour Homme, YSL Kouros, Givenchy Gentleman...basically i'm looking for a vey strong and masculine scent, so does Armani PH fit the bill? Any comments welcome.

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    Armani Eau Pour Homme used to be good in the Eighties but has been reformulated. Now it is a watered down shadow of its former glory, very weak. I get a blest of citrus lemon and its gone within two hours, very disappointing.

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    It is a very lasting and also very 80's scent, but rather on the subtle side, it lasts, but does not overpower.

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    Armani Eau Pour Homme is much more subtle than the others you listed. It wasn't ever meant to be strong, it has always been an elegant scent and you cant be elegant and overpowering. As for masculine, yes it would be seen as very masculine these days but only because tastes have shifted. I'm sure in 1984, it was considered just to the masculine side of unisex (it is a Chypre after all, a style of fragrance that has historically been marketed to women). But tastes have changed. What saves it from being dated and "old man" is that it wasn't one of those typical 80's ubermacho power fragrances in the first place, its still an elegant Citrus Chypre for men.

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    I think it's a classic and still hold its own today.

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    I find it similar to YSL pour Homme, actually. I re-testd this one recently ( the Armani), and while I admire the fragrance, it is not for me. I love the opening. Who can argue with a blast of lemon on a hot summer day ? I just am not happy with the drydown.

    I wouldn't call it strong. But it is still decent. I don't think these types of fragrances are suppose to be strong, to be honest. If you want a classic citrus style fragrance, this is the one.
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    Default Re: Armani PH

    It's not strong, but an excellent masculine scent.

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