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    Default Kenzo Power

    I am looking for florals for a man in the same style as Kenzo Power.

    I already have Dior Homme and have made this as close to my signature scent as I can.
    I do not like Fleur du Male, as I think it has a fecal note and too Le Male-ish.
    And I'm not going to bother chasing Kenzo Power Cologne as it seems it is not easy finding this one....

    Kenzo Power is more uplifting. It is easy to wear at work. It is not too feminine-smelling like other florals (IMO).

    Thanks in advance.

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    Default Re: Kenzo Power

    Perhaps Tokyo Bloom by TDC might work.

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    Default Re: Kenzo Power


    He Wood Rocky Mountain by Dsquared2 - In the enchanting opening, one is treated to a cloud of white pepper, carrying a lovely, cool violet and refreshing, creamy lily. A strong heart with its brawny duet of cedarwood and vetiver makes one sense a wet forest, and carries off the floral accord to join its soothing base. Seguing to that drydown, a melange of warm amber, smoky incense and sensual musk overlay the woody and floral accords. This floral, incense and woody fragrance is one of the best outdoors scents, and is a very versatile fragrance. Wonderfully, the longevity and projection are both excellent.

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    Noir de Noir

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    TDC Un Parfum des Sens et Bois has a nice violet over cedar that is very unisex, and comes in close to Kenzo Power and Dior Homme on the macho/femme stereotype scale. If you want to push the violet, in that combo, you can go with Creed's Love in Black. The violet is much more powerful. However, you seem like more of an iris and rose guy, so the TDC is probably a safer start. The violet in Love in Black is sillage city.

    There aren't a lot of powdery florals that close to Kenzo Power. It's fairly unique in my wardrobe. I am with you - it's a fantastic scent!

    If you like Dior Homme, consider Shalimar Parfum Initial. A lot of guys who like Dior Homme, but want more floral aspects, go for that one.

    Dior Homme Intense is a nice variation, as is Dior Homme Sport.

    If you can get a sample, Ramon Monegal has a new one called Impossible Iris that you might like. I think it would appeal to all us Dior Hommies.
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    Has anyone ventured to try Canali Black Diamond. This is a men's woody floral.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Primrose View Post
    Has anyone ventured to try Canali Black Diamond. This is a men's woody floral.
    I used to have a sample of Black Diamond EDP but I'm not very impresses with it. It is actually a mess of too many notes...I would rate Kenzo Power above it...

    Kenzo Power is a quite unique scent and I've not come across anything like it till now...

    Rocky Mountain by Dsquared is more on the woody side & I love it but I do not find it floral in any way...Its a great scent indeed!!

    You can also give a try to Vera Wang and Moschino Forever..!

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    La Cologne Fleur du Male - different, and better than Fleur du Male

    Kenzo Power Cologne - worth trying to find it
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    Default Re: Kenzo Power

    Midnight in Paris

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    Default Re: Kenzo Power

    Midnight Poison
    Shalimar Parfum Initial
    Lyric Man
    Carnal Flower

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    Default Re: Kenzo Power

    Midnight Poison +1
    Dior Homme Intense +1
    Midnight in Paris +1


    Black Orchid EDP
    Tom Ford Extreme

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    +2 Midnight in Paris

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    L'Eau Par Kenzo Indigo, Chinatown, Fahrenheit, Joop!Homme.

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