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    What is a good match available today for Schiaparelli's Shocking?

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    The elegant, sweet animalics of Shocking are way out of fashion now. Musk powerhouses like MKK, Absolue pour le soir or Rien are really different, they're too much in your face and do not have the elegant, floral part (APLS is indeed very smooth, but it's spicy, not floral). Just by chance, I was smelling Rose Twill yesterday, and it is built on a nicely animalic base; but the floral part is far simpler (just rose), and it doesn't have the honeyed sweetness of Shocking.

    I got a Shocking bottle on ebay recently. Unfortunately, it broke in transit. The plastic envelope and the shards have been aromatizing my closet for weeks now ...


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    Cacio! Did the package just reek when it got to you? I've never had one break in the mail, but it's something I worry about a little.

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    The outside glas was cracked. The stopper wasn't perfect so the juice (it was about 1/3 full) spilled out. But it had been placed in a ziploc bag, so it didn't really spread much through the cardboard. The Shocking bottle is simply not good for shipping. Glass within glass is a recipe for disaster. A previous shipment had been ok, but a couple of flowers had cracked, again- glass against glass. I think one should tell a seller to separate the two parts (glass bell and bottle, and possibly decant the juice, as the stopper is quite flimsy.

    Btw, here's a visualization of the result

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    Boudoir by Vivienne Westwood


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    Welcome to you! perhaps Vertical Limit

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