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    Default Smells Like Fire, Iron, & Parchment?

    Hi all! I'm brand new to Base Notes and also brand new to the world of perfuming. I have a whole line that I'm working on designing, and I've figured almost all of my scents out except for these:

    I'm looking for something that would evoke thoughts/the scent of:
    - Fire {have birch tar as a smoke already}
    - Rust/Iron
    - Parchment/Ink/Dust

    I should note I'm only interested in EO's/natural scents. Not looking to get involved in chemicals just yet.


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    Default Re: Smells Like Fire, Iron, & Parchment?

    For rust / iron try Jasmin with a touch of vanilla.
    Parchment: Papyrus?
    Ink: Vetiver pushed hard.
    Dust: Opoponax is great for this.

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    Default Re: Smells Like Fire, Iron, & Parchment?

    i never meet natural extraits with smell one of that substances exactly
    imo it possible to find some tints and/or facets of:
    fire - vetiver,cinnamon,oud,canphor
    rust - mirrh, oud,violet leaf
    iron - oud, violet leaf, french lavender
    parchment - oak moss, styrax(liquidambar styraciflua)
    ink - vetiver,mirrh,camphor
    dust - mirrh
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    Default Re: Smells Like Fire, Iron, & Parchment?

    ink - magnolia, guaiac, haitian vetiver, rose, cypress (if you want to add a metallic aspect to the ink), valerian C02
    iron - cypress, sage, guaiac, juniper C02
    fire - guaiac (smoky wood, metallic quality too), indonesian vetiver, cardamom, cinnamon, ginger EO, curcuma, saffron
    rust - cloves, indonesian vetiver, saffron
    parchment - vanilla + sandalwood, perhaps a touch of cedar, opoponax

    As you can see, I find some notes to fit into more than one category. Most of the notes I list above have SOME of the intended quality - eg magnolia flower EO has some inky qualities, but requires blending with something else dark and deep to really bring out a true ink accord.
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