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    Default Caron Pour Un Homme vintages

    Hi Everyone
    Does anybody out there know about the development over time of Caron's Pour un Homme? I have some different bottles with different labels, the most interesting says "Les Plus Belles Lavandes" underneath "Pour Un Homme". I think this is from the 50s. Can anybody confirm of disconfirm this? The juice smells somehow different from the modern formulation maybe a bit muskier, dirtier? Of course the juice would be 50 years old now so it may be 'off'. It smells great, all the same. I'd appreciate any info that the BN community has about this. Like perhaps there are already discussion threads about this that I haven't discovered yet? I did see one thread on the history of the formulations and reformulations of Yatagan, and that was excellent. Bottle shape, label, marketing, it all changes with time, as does the actual juice of course, as the company is required to source ingredients in a changing world. Talk to me.

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    I've got an old bottle of pour un homme and it smells like what you described, not drastically different from the current one but with a longer development and more prominent clary sage. I don't think my bottle says les plus belles lavandes tho ill have to check. I thought les plus belle lavandes was a different fragrance altogether.

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    Somebody else started yesterday a similar thread and this is the comment I made on the subject:
    Pour Un Homme was created in 1934 and I have seen the wording "Les plus belles lavandes" written on the bottles on advertising posters dated from 1938 up to 1961 (these posters are for sale on french ebay). I think that Caron is also currently selling a fragrance called "Les plus belles lavandes" which is an Eau de Cologne version of Pour Un Homme (created in 2008 by Richard Fraysse who is a perfumer from Caron house).
    I don't know about the different formulations but I have purchased recently on ebay ( 15 !) a 100ml natural spray of Pour Un Homme EdT that comes in a tall bottle with a black plastic cap ; I don't know what is the formulation of this one but it's amazingly good !
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    Default Re: Caron Pour Un Homme vintages

    Yup that's the one I've got. Although I had to pay more than that you certainly found a bargain.

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    Default Re: Caron Pour Un Homme vintages

    I have a mini of PUH from 1983 that's more openly animalic than the current juice. Frankly, there's a distinct urine smell in it (like the one in Kouros), so I'd assume it's basically the same as the 50's one likouala_man is describing.

    I also tried and got a sample of the new-ish Le Belle Plus Lavande at the NYC Caron boutique. For whatever reason, they only sold it in huge bottles (like 750 ml or something) as a test and only in France and at the boutiques, so it never took off. I'll happily state for the record that it's FANTASTIC. Probably one of the best lavenders I've tried. If you like the lavender in PUH but not the musk, try the flanker (oh yeah - it's a flanker, not truly a "cologne" concentration).
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    Default Re: Caron Pour Un Homme vintages

    Wow, I asked this question years ago and never came back to check on whether anyone had responded! Thanks to everyone who posted! I love lavender frags, especially the more masculine ones. Royal Scottish Lavender is one of my favorite clean smelling lavenders. I'll see if I can get a whiff of the **NEW** Plus Belles Lavandes. It sounds just right. Thanks for the great discussion folks.
    cheers everyone

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    Default Re: Caron Pour Un Homme vintages

    Please return & tell us what you think of the new one when you try it

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    Default Re: Caron Pour Un Homme vintages

    I have some of the Le Belle Plus Lavande EdT (it's looks 1950s to me), and it's still a bit strong for me, but at least borderline wearable relative to the recent formulation. I have one of those big bottles and have been swapping decants of it for a couple years now, so there's probably a BNer or two who has it and might be better able to speak to at least that formulation.

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