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    Default Nordstrom coming to Canada !!!

    It was officially announced that Nordstrom is opening 4 new stores in Canada by late 2012 and early 2013. I believe the cities getting it are Ottawa, Toronto, Calgary and Vancouver. I'm so excited as they're opening the Nordstrom where I live here in Ottawa in the rideau centre. Finally I and fellow Canadians can just go to a high end department store and try some hard to find niche fragrances. I am so excited

    BTW to make room for Nordstrom stores, Sears is closing down 4 locations to make room for tem, finally I can't stand Sears!

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    Default Re: Nordstrom coming to Canada !!!

    To be honest, my Nordtrom here doesn't have much stuff, the only interesting niche brand is Goutal, which is also the only thing I ever bought there. An enormous amount of space is dedicated to Creed. The dept stores in Montreal seemed to me vastly superior in that respect.


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    Default Re: Nordstrom coming to Canada !!!

    Holts is still probably going to have a much better selection.

    With that said, it's a welcome replacement to Sears
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    Default Re: Nordstrom coming to Canada !!!

    Honestly it's better than nothing, there's no place to try any niche here. I'll take anything whether it be Creed or the Goutal lol.

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    Default Re: Nordstrom coming to Canada !!!

    I guess this is what will be replacing the downtown Robson street Sears store in Vancouver. Holt Renfrew is in the same mall.

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    Default Re: Nordstrom coming to Canada !!!

    I can't wait for my next trip back to Vancouver after it opens! Too bad I'll be there a bit too early in August. More incentive to come back again!
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