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    Default Vetiver Aftershave --your experience?

    I am a huge fan of Guerlain's Vetiver--in any formulation although I like vintage cologne the best. I am also a fan of aftershave lotions--in fact my first bottle of Vetiver, bought in the 1970s, was aftershave. I recently bought a bottle of aftershave--vintage in the green box. It not only smells great but it feels great on the freshly-shaved face. Interestingly, in addition to the usual water, alcohol, etc., and of course fragrance, there are several ingredients like castor oil, witchhazel, citric acid, matricaria extract (camomile), esculin (horse chestnut), menthol and sage extract. All of these have scents associated with them and the combined result is a great herbal, medicinal take on the classic Vetiver fragrance. It is not so much a case of Guerlain altering the notes as--they are famous for doing--for one form over another (extrait, Eau de Cologne, etc.) but by form following function with these notes that are included for their face-soothing elements adding to the total smell of the product.

    Do other firms do this as well? I always thought that aftershave was mainly just a high alcohol version of a scent..... Either way, this stuff is great, particularly when worn in combination with the Eau de Toilette!

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    Default Re: Vetiver Aftershave --your experience?

    My guess is that many other firms must also do this although I can't cite any others.

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