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    Default New: by Kilian - Black Oud

    By Kilian has released yet another exclusive to UAE perfume.

    Black Oud

    The oud in it is softer and more complex than in Pure Oud and Extreme Oud.

    I , briefly , smelled plenty of resins.

    Very nice smelling. If you liked Pure Oud you will love this.

    Priced like Extreme Oud. $500 for 50ml.

    Will do a more extensive test later.
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    Default Re: New: by Kilian - Black Oud

    Keep us posted Hedonist...

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    Default Re: New: by Kilian - Black Oud


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    Default Re: New: by Kilian - Black Oud

    I would love to try this one...on my husband, since Pure Oud smells so good on him.

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    Default Re: New: by Kilian - Black Oud

    Compared to this, Pure Oud was a bit more austere. Black Oud is slightly more enveloping and glowing.
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    Default Re: New: by Kilian - Black Oud

    I'm looking for any opinions on this if you have tried it. Anyone?

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