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    Default Sample set winner satori review

    I recently a month or so ago won a contest here on base notes held by SMCinJPN ( thank you very much). And i've had it in its little box and I wanted to save it for something special. Well I realized they are samples for a reason so I might as well sample them. Here is my first review

    koke shimizu

    scent pyramid: Citrus Cypress
    Top notes (first impression) lemon, bergamot, herbs
    Middle notes (heart of the perfume) lily of the valley, jasmine
    Base notes (lasting notes) musk, woody,moss, patchouli

    The site describes this with the following words
    "The fresh springwater flowing down between the trees, reveals a blending harmony of the cold clear water with the warmth of trees and mosses."

    And this is how I describe it

    I put this on my wrists and neck. First impressions : clean and soapy, Extremely soapy, nothing screams out masculine but it doesn't in any way hint at being feminine

    Drying down: a spicy aroma comes out, not quite spicy(maybe the herbs) per say but it reminds of of irish spring soap and it has that note that gets to your nose, right now I'm detecting some citrus (doesnt really smell like lemons but there is a hint in there) in the mix the dry down is becoming quite pleasing I would describe this as citrusy and flowery(lily of the valley maybe) with a hint of moss.

    Its definetly drys down a lot more masculine (the musk is coming out) and if where to describe this scent in colors it would be Sheen Green with specs of radical red, its really mossy now and it still has that just clean irish spring soap feel.

    I'm finally getting some hints of wood still very mossy and less citrusy

    IMO While I enjoyed the scent journey I am not particularly fond of the scent. To me it smells like irish spring but while Irish spring says rugged Manly Man, this however does not. Do not get me wrong it is definitely masculine near the end but its more like a shy irish spring, if you ca imagine that. I can't say if i am biased from reading the description from the website, but I really agree with their description of a forest. It reminds me of an early morning chill in some secluded area of the forest with rocks and a spring undisturbed by humans. As far as weather I would recommend this scent, well no. It was worth trying but not worth buying. First of all I cannot see a situation of any kind were wearing this would be appropriate or make me feel confident. Second i really can't see this one being a compliment getter from anyone its just a clean scent. At the same time it was fun to smell. Try it for your selves if you must.

    PS I find it humorous that the first scent I tried from Japan smelled like irish spring , that aside this was my first in depth review please comment on how I can make my reviews better in any way, if something wasn't clear or hard to understand let me know, if I should format differently.
    PPS I will post the projection and longevity as soon as I cannot smell it any longer, Actually I might just shower it off depends on if people really want to know

    - - - Updated - - -

    Update it is now 1:51 my time and I put this on around 10:30 I can barely tel its there at all. so about 3 hours on a light splash on dose. As far as projection it really stays close to the skin through out the whole process.
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    Default Re: Sample set winner satori review

    Thanks for your impressions.

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    Default Re: Sample set winner satori review

    Thanks for the insight into the fragrance.

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