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    Default Rose and lavender recommendations?

    Hammam Bouquet is the first perfume I ever purchased. I remain highly admiring of its top and heart - the accord of rose and lavender is just sublime. People speak of unisex perfumes, but I find this accord androgynous, and always think of the angels of the Pre-Raphaelite - or indeed Art Nouveau - illustrators: neither masculine nor feminine, but either masculinely feminine or femininely masculine. Indeed, it is the most Art Nouveau scent I know. If only Hammam Bouquet didn't have such a wretched base of almost barbershoppische amber-powder, I would wear it endlessly, and go through several bottles each year. My single deepest regret in all of perfumery is that Hammam Bouquet doesn't come in a baseless, Guerlain-style eau de cologne - a mere twenty minutes or half hour of beauty. As it is, after enjoying the top and heart for maybe an hour or two, I am always disappointed to be left with the base. So, can anyone recommend a better medley of rose and lavender? Other than Hammam Bouquet, what is the supreme rendition of this pas de deux?

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    Really, no one can think of a single one? Now I wonder if Hammam Bouquet is more unique than I had thought.

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    Default Re: Rose and lavender recommendations?

    I remain interested in solving this conundrum of a combination of rose and lavender that achieves the sublime Art Nouveau 'flight' of Hammam Bouquet without that perfume's powdery and thin drydown. And so, I am thinking of following the advice of le Mouchoir de Monsieur - scattered across these forums like misplaced stones from a road of gold! - and turning to the perfumes of Molinard. I have never tried anything by this house. I am now due to purchase my next year's supply of Eau du Coq; living as I do in a remote region, I am thinking of adding a few Molinards (which are all so inexpensive!) atop the rest, to save on shipping costs. My question to anyone who might be able to answer is: What do you think might be the result of layering: Molinard Musc, Molinard Les Senteurs Rose, and Molinard Lavande? I still haven't made up my mind to undertake this blindfolded experiment, and would appreciate any indication that it might be worthwhile.
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    Default Re: Rose and lavender recommendations?

    Furyo by Jacques Bogart has both lavender and rose.

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    Default Re: Rose and lavender recommendations?

    does not have lavender but i really enjoy this one ROSE 31 by LE LABO

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    Default Re: Rose and lavender recommendations?

    The very retro American scent, "The Baron," originally made by Evyan, is constructed essentially on the paradigm you describe above: Massive Rose. Massive Lavender. As most American perfumes from that time in history were strikingly linear, with hardly any evolution whatsoever, this could be something to investigate, though I'm not sure what it might smell like today: I believe it is still made, though not by Evyan. The bottle is probably the most hideous you will ever see, and, I am sure, will offend your visual sensibilities. The scent, on the other hand, as I remember it, is precisely what you seek, though it is quite explosive, and very persistent. The current formulation, you may find it, as well as vintage, on e-bay, is a mystery to me: I'm sure it's been altered drastically, as it was frankly bizarre in its time, being so inexplicably rosy and frivolous during an epoque when men were meant to smell of classic fougere accords, and not much else. Blind buying this is a crapshoot. Were I to acquire a bottle, I'm afraid I would be interested only in the vintage, which is easily recognized by the word "Evyan" scrolled flamboyantly across the blinding chrome bottle in vibrant red. If you have a decanter of Hammam, and not a spray, you might experiment by mixing the Hammam pure juice with Puig Agua Lavanda. This will turn it into an Eau de Cologne. Agua Lavanda has an high percentage of water in it, but I have found that it will mix well with just about anything. Unfortunately, this trick will only be applicable if you have a decanter of Hammam, and not a spray. Penhaligon's used to offer their scents exclusively in decanters. Lately, it seems they offer them mainly in sprays, with caps designed to imitate the marble glass stopper. Hammam and Blenheim are the two scents that are to this day available in the old 250ml decanters, and blenheim is still offered in a 500ml one: I have so many of these, now empty, left over from my years of using English Fern. Some of them are so old they have ground glass stoppers! Concerning Molinard: I have been very happy with every single one of the scents I have ordered from them: They are top quality, and perform beautifully when layered. The "Musc" could scarcely be worn on it's own, as it is a very frank and even slightly offensive rendition of the idea of musk: No soothing floral note at all inherent in this one. The flight smells a bit like dishwashing liquid and the heart and base smell like....musk. When I layer these Molinards, I *always* start with "Musc." I have found, for example, that spraying first "Musc," then "Vanille" and finishing it off with "Lavande" creates a dead ringer for Jicky, and replacing "Vanille" with "Patchouli-Vanille" harkens Mouchoir de Monsieur. Interestingly, I don't care for any of them on their own: Only "Patchouli," and "Patchouli-Vanille" for me are wearable as fragrances per se. The "Vanille" is so sweet it is almost nauseating, and the "Lavande" is just a wee bit too French for my taste: Personally, I prefer English or Scottish Lavender, which is much dryer. I could *imagine* that you might achieve something pleasant and right in the vein you seek by layering first and always "Musc," then "Rose," and finally, "Lavande," though something seems as though it would be missing: What you forget is that Hammam has a terrific amount of pine in it. I'm not quite sure how you might reconstitute this note which is pivotal to the comp without bull-dozing the rest: "Pino Sylvestre" (also by Puig) is the only scent I can harken that might do, though I fear it will tear through the rest and dominate in a way you may find offensive. Perhaps not. Hammam Bouquet is indeed a singular scent: I can think of none other like it. Unfortunately, for me, it is the scent of mourning. Death, when it has come to my house, has always left behind, along with grief, an immediate need for me to abruptly change fragrance, after whisking away loved ones: Hammam Bouquet is the scent I chose the first time I found myself in mourning. Blenheim Bouquet was the second: As we observe an obligatory full year of mourning, unfortunately, both, now, for me, are evocative of crushing grief as a result.
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    Default Re: Rose and lavender recommendations?

    Intriguing thoughts, leMdeM; thank you. I do not think I would dare risk The Baron, for I am not a great fanatic of stain-like persistency these days, unless it is enjoyed by something very good. I did not know that Hammam Bouquet is available in 250 ml bottles; my own bottle is an atomising one. Given that it is possible to fill a container from an atomiser - spray condensing to liquid, and vice versa, through the miraculous transformations of hydraulics - should it not be possible to blend it with Agua Lavanda in the manner you suggest? Perhaps you imagine that the top notes might be injured. I did not realise that Hammam Bouquet contained pine; I have always found that its notes tend to line up on the sides of rose and lavender, hiding behind their dialectic of red and purple. Jasmine, for example, is noticeable - yet ultimately it is subsumed into the rose, adding to its fullness. Pine, though, must be on the side of lavender. I shall have to watch for it, perhaps tomorrow, not having known it was there.

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