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    Default Niche Frags for sale

    Looking to sell (all negotiable):

    Amouage Epic Man, 100ml 97% full with box, $230 shipping waived
    Frederic Malle Bigarade Concentree 100ml 55% full $130 shipping waived
    Tam Dao EDP 75ml, used 6 sprays used only with box; $125
    Creed Aventus EDP 120ml 70% full with box, $195 [LOT S42B12D01B] I think this is the fruity lot.
    Bond No 9 New Haarlem 100ml, used 6 times (around 10 sprays), $205 with box.
    MFK Oud, new in box ($245)

    Habit Rouge EDP 100ml with box, $40 [only will sell if any of the above purchased]

    Additional discount if more than one item purchased.

    Total shipping and handling is cost $20.
    Normally I will ask for $10 for 1 item and if you purchase more than one item, the second item gets 10% off the list (or our negotiated) price.

    I am open to bundling items as there will be no incremental cost on buying an extra fragrance.

    Also have samples of numerous MFKs and Frederic Malle's if you buy more than one fragrance. I'll put put 2 free samples in. This alone is worth around $10-20
    Accept Paypal only
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    Default Re: Niche Frags for sale


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