I want to buy 3 of this Montale decants FOR my GIRLFRIEND that will complement White Aoud that I plan to buy as well.

So far I own just sample of Black Aoud which is nice but has too much oud. I already read http://www.basenotes.net/threads/193406-Montale-Reviews but would like to hear more opinion and comparision of:

Aoud Damascus
Aoud Queen Roses
Aoud Rose Petals

1. Which has most rose in it? (I guess Rose Petals?)
2. Which has least oud? (I guess Attar?)
3. Which is most feminine? (I guess Aoud Queen Roses?)
4. Which is most elegant?
5. Which is freshest?
6. Which is brightest?
7. Which is most complex?
8. Which 3 would YOU pick for your girl?
9. Which 3 would YOU pick for yourself?

Thank you in forward