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    Default Iquitos....Hmmmm

    Hello BNers! I just got a bottle of Iquitos in a swap and it is sending me on an sensory roller coaster ride. The opening is magical to me, though I dont have the frag vocab to describe it for you. The heart begins to approach a really classy floral which is really superb but really pushes the limit of being too feminine for my tastes, however, it does stay in bounds and I am still comfortable wearing it. The base backs off the more feminine floral notes and gets a little animalic and becomes something exquisite. This is a really solid frag and Im more than happy with the swap, Im just contemplating what would warrant the perfect occasion to wear this juice...Anyone with this stuff want to chime in? If you have tried this stuff youll know its NOT something you can really throw in the weekly rotation...


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    Default Re: Iquitos....Hmmmm

    I love Iquitos.
    I have several miniature bottles. I would love a full-size bottle but it's discontinued.
    It's an evening fragrance for me. Better in cold weather too.

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    Default Re: Iquitos....Hmmmm

    I love it too. I really wear every time I want to.

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    Default Re: Iquitos....Hmmmm

    It's one of the best rose-based fragrances IMO.
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    Default Re: Iquitos....Hmmmm

    I enjoy the top a lot more than the base, but it's very wearable for me. It strikes me as more extroverted rose than typically encountered, but it has a lot of dazzle even where it lacks a bit of depth. I'm happy to own a bottle even though it's an occasional thing.

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    Default Re: Iquitos....Hmmmm

    I know it. I remember it as a powerhouse, almost leathery-dark scent, with an equally dark, beautifully masculine, floral accord.

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    Default Re: Iquitos....Hmmmm

    There's a kind of smooth, coconut-like aspect to the far drydown that's pleasant, but I'm not sure if it's interesting enough for me, especially in light of other fragrances that are somewhat similar (Boss Cologne/#1, etc.), but I look forward to wearing it a couple more times to make a final decision. I've got half a 100 ml bottle (spray) for swap/sale (my "backup bottle"), for those who are trying to find some.

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    Default Re: Iquitos....Hmmmm

    Love this fragrance.

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