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    Default International Swaps

    Looking to swap the following fragrances:
    Creed Aventus 75ml 65-70%
    A*Men Pure Coffee (I have 2 bottles of this one is around 90% the other 95-98% 2nd only been sprayed 3-4 times) 100ml
    Canali - Summer Nights Men 60-70% 100ml
    Gucci by Gucci 60% 50ml
    Gucci Pour Homme II 70%

    Looking to swap for:

    Amouage Reflection or Lyric - Men

    Maybe some other lighter fragrances, if it's something new I may swap! Trying to get rid of most of my heavier fragrances as I'll be moving to Thailand soon so have no real use for A*Mens etc!

    Happy to do International swaps, I'm from the UK here.

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    Default Re: International Swaps

    PM sent
    Visit my Wordwide Swap Thread here for niche and designer full bottle trades:

    And my Worldwide full bottle sale thread:

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    Default Re: International Swaps

    pm'd you
    My favorite house is Amouage

    I'm new to basenotes but I'm an active member on Fragrantica, Swapped on AL's youtube thread, I have 105 positive feedback on eBay and I have done a lot of swaps on other venues.

    I own more than 200 perfumes therefore I couldn't finish my wardrobe, it requires time

    feel free to contact me whenever you want

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