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    Default Rochas Lui. really discontinued???

    Hi, I tried this juice couple of years back at a local store and liked it. It was not available then online. Today i see that it is available again online. Really wondering if Rochas has re-introduced with a reformulation it or its the vintage juice.

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    Default Re: Rochas Lui. really discontinued???

    Almost impossibile to find around here. Fortunately I own a back up bottle...what do you mean it is available again? Have you seen it on the Rochas website or on discount websites?

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    Default Re: Rochas Lui. really discontinued???

    It is not on their website. It is one of the most masculine scents ever produced and is usually available on fragrance sites and Ebay.

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    Default Re: Rochas Lui. really discontinued???

    If true, glad and lucky that I have a full bottle of this in my collection.

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    Default Re: Rochas Lui. really discontinued???

    Where was it available, well this was my first ever bottle of fragrance so I have memories attached with it. If I can find it reasonably priced then I must order at least 10 bottles to last a lifetime.

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    Default Re: Rochas Lui. really discontinued???

    I will definitely have to look up a few clearance sales of this scent on the fragrance websites I usually shop for.

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