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    Default Comparo of Eau De Colognes

    I love EDCs with a hint of basil in them; ie herbal Eau de colognes. Of these three which do you think has the most memorable citrus herbal medley?

    Eau de Guerlain
    Eau de Rochas Pour Homme
    Dior Eau Sauvage
    or other...

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    Default Re: Comparo of Eau De Colognes

    Eau Sauvage
    Acqua di Parma Colonia

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    Default Re: Comparo of Eau De Colognes

    acqua di parma is herbal but i am looking for specifically Basil herbal. thanks though

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    Default Re: Comparo of Eau De Colognes

    Try Guerlain Eau du Coq.

    I don't find any of the ones you listed very herby. Eau de Guerlain is an EdT with a composition that mimics a traditional EdC - it's close, and nice on a hot day, but not really an EdC. Eau Sauvage is similar, but even further in feel from a traditional EdC, to my nose. The Hedione is what makes it last, and that feels almost aquatic - modern - not EdC-like.

    I find all of the AdPs to be sort of like an EdC in the topnotes, with something else underneath that lasts longer.

    The Chanel one is gorgeous, but not herby. It has a ton of neroli oil in it apparently, which is does wonders.

    Eau de Rochas is a lightly green EdC. Nice, but not a standout for me.
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    Default Re: Comparo of Eau De Colognes

    From the 3 you listed Eau Sauvage, but you should check out Atelier Cologne's Trefle Pure.
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    Default Re: Comparo of Eau De Colognes

    Jo Malone has a nice lime, mandarin and basil.


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    Default Re: Comparo of Eau De Colognes

    Ctiric - herbal medly?

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    Default Re: Comparo of Eau De Colognes

    I get TONS of basil from Creeds Original Vetiver. Try a sample and check for yourself. I find it downright magical.

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    Default Re: Comparo of Eau De Colognes


    Aqua Fahrenheit by Christian Dior - This is a considerably toned down version of the original, masterpiece Fahrenheit. No negative connotation is implied or should be taken; rather, this is a distinctive composition, somewhat bright and fresh, with ties to the original.
    Initially, one is treated to a blast of sparkling grapefruit, with its sour greenness, tempered by a hint of sweetness from the mandarin. This invigorating, citrus melange is drawn to the heart by a nascent mint. Here, in the heart, the cool spearmint comes into its own with its sweet, green facets, and commingles with violet leaf, with its intense freshness and a hint of cucumber. Basil infuses the refreshing blend with a lively dusting of its lemon-like, savory herb. A very faint undercurrent of petro/gasoline can be sensed. Transitioning to the base, a rather ordinary, woods accord presents, and interplays with a light, almost airy, Haitian vetiver as well as a subtle leather. A placid drydown ensues. This high-quality composition is bright and fresh, and should prove to be very versatile. Having average projection and longevity, this scent will, indeed, shine in the spring, summer and fall.


    cK One Shock for Him by Calvin Klein - One is initially treated to a mildly fresh accord. Clementine, with its sweet orangey and faint floral facets, lavender with its clean, herbal character, as well as cucumber, with its medicinal, sea-like aspect, all commingle in a brisk concoction. A cloud of something, perhaps aldehydes or the cryptic, energy drink accent, imparts an effervescence to the invigorating blend. Transitioning to the heart, a field day with herbs is had. Leafy, black basil, with its licorice accent, vivacious and woody black pepper as well as mildly spicy and sweet cardamom encase the opening. A nascent tobacco serves as a backdrop to the herbal jubilation. Segueing to the base, the rich and spicy tobacco has come into full bloom, while an earthy mustiness of patchouli flitters about. A pleasant ambrene wood infuses its laurel-like, sweet and spicy, woody overtures. And, a casheran musk imparts its velvety, somewhat floral bouquet. An enjoyable drydown ensues. This versatile composition is an all-season scent with average projection and average longevity, 6-8 hours. Its favorable price point makes this fragrance even more welcomed.

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    I'd say Eau de Guerlain is the stand-out herbal eau de cologne.

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    Default Re: Comparo of Eau De Colognes

    You should try Sisley's Eau de Campagne, that has a huge blast of basil and tomato leaf in the dry down. Of the ones you mention I like Eau de Guerlain best but I don't find it the most Basil-ish, the other two are lovely but not especially herbal to my nose, especially not Eau Sauvage, which I admit has a fleeting Basil hint in the opening which is followed by acres of Jasmine and Hedione... big pluses in my view.

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    Default Re: Comparo of Eau De Colognes

    I second the Jo Malone, Trefle Pur and Eau de Campagne suggestions.
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    Default Re: Comparo of Eau De Colognes

    I love them too 10dadeo!

    Annick Goutal Ea du Sud fits your brief perfectly. Go for the EDP not the EDT.

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    Default Re: Comparo of Eau De Colognes

    Eau Sauvage

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    Default Re: Comparo of Eau De Colognes

    +1 on Eau de Campagne.
    Check out Villoresi Colonia, a lovely herbal take on the regular cologne theme
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    Default Re: Comparo of Eau De Colognes

    Guerlain Aqua Allegoria Herba Fresca

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    Default Re: Comparo of Eau De Colognes

    eau de guerlain.

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    Default Re: Comparo of Eau De Colognes

    This: Guerlain Aqua Allegoria Herba Fresca
    and this: Sisley's Eau de Campagne.

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