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    Default Recommend me something that would work

    I am trying to find a couple of nice fragrance for me that would become my go to for


    of course there could be just one that ticks all the boxes.
    I tried PE, decent but I find it to dissapear on me after 2-3 hours, same with ILNY for him by bond no.9 the first time i treid I smelled it all day then next day, I felt like it dissapeared rather quickly. Tom ford original love the frag but I feel its too light, and longevity is bad very bad.

    Tried, La male, 1 Milliona and these last but can't wear it to work.
    I need more for everyday tghna for party.
    Issey don't work, Lanuit also doesn't seem to be good with longevity.

    I have not tried any Dior though (i like this one fahrenheit 32) haven't smelled the other ones, but I think it will be the same. Ugg...getting frustrated here.

    Please recoomend something that will last. I want something when I walk by people think WOW what a nice perfume he si wearing or stop to give a complement.

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    Default Re: Recommend me something that would work

    Chanel Sycomore: it has a fresh vetiver, good for casual and summer, but also woods and some smoke that make it elegant and goof for party and formal.

    Alternatively, Egoiste (the regular egoiste, not the platinum): warm sandalwood, a touch of fruits. Perhaps not ideal in the heat of the summer, but perfect for all other occasions.


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    Default Re: Recommend me something that would work

    I tried Egoiste, but i liked PE better.
    How is Creed, i hear people talking about it so much that I need to try it out. Is GIT similar to cool water. Where can i buy samples of creed. Does any store carry creed?

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    Default Re: Recommend me something that would work

    I'm still trying to think of some suggestions for you from your original post...I'll have to get back to you on that one a little later when I've thought it out more. Creed...well, I'm far from being a Creed fan boy so I wouldn't be the best person to ask about them, but I can tell you where you can find them, at least from my experience. I don't know where you are from, but if you're in the USA you can find them at Neiman Marcus stores and some Nordstrom stores. I live about 5 hours from Las Vegas and you can find them there at Nieman Marcus in the Fashion Show Mall, and there is a new store in the Cosmopolitan called Skins 612...just don't ask them for samples, at least from my experience they get a little upset and are quite stingy. Neiman Marcus was good about giving me samples. If I were a Creed fan boy I'm sure that I would know more. I do own one bottle of Virgin Island Water which I really do love, but that's about the only one that I have, and like. Good luck. Someone else will have more info for you I'm sure.

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    Default Re: Recommend me something that would work

    Terre D'Hermes
    Versace Pour Homme
    Givenchy Play Intense

    With those 3 scents you should have a good start in covering your go to list. However I have not hit the party scene in many years so maybe something else would be better for that.
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    Default Re: Recommend me something that would work

    Perhaps Carbone de Balmain

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    Default Re: Recommend me something that would work

    If you have longevity issues than Creed is not a good option. Maybe you should look at Tom Ford scents, they tend to be strong and long lasting.

    As to getting WOW from other people. There's no such thing. There are only fragrances that will get WOW from certain people and not others. It seems to me that those fragrances that agrees with the most number of people also tend to be agreeable but nothing WOW, whereas the fragrances that are WOW to some people are also YUCK to others.

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    Default Re: Recommend me something that would work


    Uomo? Moschino by Moschino
    - One is initially treated to a crisp tarantella of bittersweet, citrusy kumquat and sweet and woody rosewood, tempered by an astringent and sour coriander. This fresh blend rapturously floats on a perfumed cloud, and eventually drifts to the awaiting middle. Here, in the heart, the fresh blend is supplanted by cyclamen, with its mildly sweet, floral accents, spicy and warm, cinnamon leaf as well as nutty clary sage, with its hint of anise. This invigorating medley flows to the waiting base. The refreshing base is a mixture of dry cedarwood, soapy musk and candied amber, moderated by antiseptic artemisia. An exhilarating and outdoorsy drydown ensues. This pleasant and masculine composition has average projection, albeit radiating, and excellent longevity. The quality to price ratio for this all-season fragrance is heavily skewed in its favor, given its inexpensive price.


    Visit for Men by Azzaro - One is initially treated to a wave of spice. An abundant nutmeg, with its soft and sweet, cinnamon-like character, couples with cardamon, with its slightly woody and anise-like facets, pink pepper, with its fruity and tart highlights, as well as ginger, with its peppery, lightly sweet, and faint lemony aspects. A menthol-like undercurrent from cedar leaves carries the stirring brew to the heart. Here, the Atlas cedar comes into its own, imparting its richly balsamic and camphoraceous accord, and vies with a lively incense, with its resinous, myrrh-like smokiness, for dominance. Guiacwood infuses its tea-rose woodiness, while a muted nutmeg is relegated to the background. Transitioning to the base, a skin-like musk intermingles with a ambergris, with its fleshy, slightly leathery and sweet woodiness. The bustling incense flitters about in the background. A pleasant drydown ensues. This masculine and well-done composition has very good projection, a 2-foot scent cloud, and very good longevity, about 10 hours; resultantly, spray sparingly. This appealing fragrance can be had rather inexpensively.

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