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    Default My First Compliment/Compliment Stories

    Hi all,

    I'm pretty new to the fragrance community, maybe a month or so in. I was out to dinner tonight with my wife at a New Jersey diner around the corner from our house. Towards the end of the meal, our waitress (an older woman in her 50's or 60's) asked me what I was wearing, she said she smelled it every time she walked by our table. I told her Creed Aventus (which I recently obtained in a basenotes split). She said it was really nice and immediately put a huge smile on my face . It made me feel great to get a compliment from a total stranger in a diner. I thought I would start a thread so anyone could share their compliment stories. Either your first compliment or your strangest compliment.

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    Default Re: My First Compliment/Compliment Stories

    Aventus really is nice. It's a recent purchase for me. Which batch do you have?

    There's actually a huge thread specifically for compliments. Check it out.

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    Default Re: My First Compliment/Compliment Stories

    I know I'm loving Aventus. After I posted the thread I realized I probably should have done a search first on the topic...It's batch#C42B11Z01.

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    Default Re: My First Compliment/Compliment Stories

    That is awesome!!!

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    Default Re: My First Compliment/Compliment Stories

    Have always wanted to try Aventus and MI.
    I don't receive to many compliments on my fragrances, but I was wearing Lacoste Homme a few years ago, a few family members grabbed me, sniffed my neck and asked me what it was. Awkward, but flattering I suppose.

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    DEFINITELY post a +1 for Aventus in the compliments thread. A guy in there is totaling up the compliments people post and updating a really neat spreadsheet he created.

    Welcome to the forum, by the way! How long have you been wearing Aventus? Did you first hear about it here in on basenotes? That's how I found it.

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    Default Re: My First Compliment/Compliment Stories

    Hello and welcome Deadphish! I have always wanted to try Aventus as well as a few other creeds and maybe sometime in the future (if I am willing to brave the Plaza in KC) I will . On a side note I have a friend who is in Vegas as we speak and I made it very clear to him that if he wins a big jackpot he has to buy my a bottle of Creed Aventus from one of the stores on the Vegas Strip.

    Lets all cross our fingers little Timmy hits the jackpot so Hammy can get a bottle of Aventus .

    PS. Deadphish you forgot to tell us what your wife thinks of Aventus, does she like it and is she worried women will be swooning all over you now when you wear it?
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    I first heard of Aventus on youtube (Al, Hiro and the rest of the reviewers). I was lucky enough to get a sample from a Neiman Marcus near my house. It was love and first smell. I knew I had so have bottle but because of the price I scoped out the split threads and found a split from soccerhero (don't hesitate to go to him btw). My wife doesn't understand my new fragrance craze, she's kinda of indifferent about it all. Maybe she'll have more to say the more female attention I get...

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    Default Re: My First Compliment/Compliment Stories

    Awesome story deadphish and welcome to basenotes!
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    Default Re: My First Compliment/Compliment Stories

    It's always great to get compliments on a fragrance worn.

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    Default Re: My First Compliment/Compliment Stories

    Today I received first compliment at work.

    I went to local perfumery during lunch break and sprayed Dior Homme Sport 2012 on one hand and Guerlain Homme L Eau on other hand. When I came back there were just 2 collegues sitting in office. When one of them left like half hour later and came back he asked me if I just sprayed myself with something or if there were any women in office because he can smell this fragrance in whole room... I told him that I was in perfumery not a long time ago and let him sniff my wrists. He immediately pointed on one with Guerlain Homme L Eau. He also asked me what is the name of this scent because he likes it lot. He also said that it reminds him something he smelled before. Its funny because to me it smells very vey similiar to Terre d'Hermes without oranges (read ISO E super overload) and he never commented that one on me. I am also suprised that he could smell it from that far (like 5 metres from me...)
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    Default Re: My First Compliment/Compliment Stories

    I've gotten lots of compliments on smelling good, nothing really tremendous to report about it. However, I have stopped people on the street to ask them what they are wearing, as in perfume, and it embarrasses the hell out of my husband. The worst time was in New Orleans in 2010. We were by a Subway near Canal street when a very tall man walked by and he smelled just divine. I had to tell him and find out what he was wearing. He did tell me, but it was something French, I think, and I couldn't grasp the name. I wanted to make him write it down for me, but didn't, still wish I had gone into Subway to get a napkin for him to write it down. The divine smelling man didn't mind me asking, I think he was flattered, but my husband was mortified.

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    Default Re: My First Compliment/Compliment Stories

    I'm happy for the OP, but I tend to disregard compliments from servers, bartenders, and salespeople. Basically, anybody that works off of tips or commissions. You can never really tell if they are being sincere or not.

    Also, lower level employees will often compliment you just to kiss up to their boss.

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    Quote Originally Posted by heavenscent1 View Post
    The divine smelling man didn't mind me asking, I think he was flattered, but my husband was mortified.
    LOL, I bet your husband started to get really nervous...

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    Default Re: My First Compliment/Compliment Stories


    Good stuff. Glad to hear others are enjoying it as much as you are. I serve tables in a fine dining restaurant, and I always (literally) have females asking what I'm wearing when Aventus is on my skin.


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    Default Re: My First Compliment/Compliment Stories

    You know, it's funny...I don't get many specific compliments on the scents I wear, but almost every time the topic of fragrance comes up more generally with friends, co-workers, family, someone will say to me, "Well, YOU always smell good."

    That being said, I have had a string of compliments just recently when I was wearing Sycomore. My favorite was from a male friend who I had given a parting hug to. He texted me a little later, "Mmmmm. Now I smell like you. No shower for me today!" Totally made my morning.

    (Incidentally, where is the female compliment thread from which the tallies are being taken? I saw the guys thread. And did a search finding several threads in the women's forum but none seemed to be very extensive...)
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    Default Re: My First Compliment/Compliment Stories

    Most strange compliment: You smell like a soap bar!

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    Default Re: My First Compliment/Compliment Stories

    Quote Originally Posted by Alvus View Post
    Most strange compliment: You smell like a soap bar!
    hm, I wouldn't consider that a compliment...

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    Default Re: My First Compliment/Compliment Stories

    I can't speak to the experience of others but the way compliments are discussed makes me take tallies, hype and many stories with a grain of salt. Some people weave the most wonderful tales of compliments, but I never see such things happening in all the time I spend with them. I know in the right environ, with the right scent and weather there are some generous souls out there who will stop a person on the street. It seems to be getting rarer and rarer though as people grow more insular and self-absorbed these days however especially in large cities where people are afflicted by the sad condition of thinking themselves eternally busy with no time to spare.

    Compliments, in my experience, are maybe 10% scent, 20% luck and 40% environment and 30% misc. factors.

    Since this thread is about first time compliments it seems as good a place as any for me to meditate on factors which aid in drawing them, regardless of the scent you choose.

    For starters you need to put yourself out there. Every moment you spend not wearing scent, or on your own is a moment in which it is impossible to attract anyone's interest. Every time you leave the house you should be wearing something nice. If you're not fond of a scent wearing it to use it up is like an extended form of self-castigation: sell it, give it away, wear it on your own if you want to explore the notes further or are undecided, but stop wearing it out even if you are just 'going down the shops,' or what have you. You should also make a habit of dressing and presenting yourself well everytime you step out of the door. I'm not talking about dressing up, but get used to having your shirts ironed and crisp, and even if you don't need one wear a nice belt with your jeans or trousers, and try not to dress in a brooding or sombre way. The idea is to seem approachable. So cultivate the habits which foreward that end by making eye contact, and even if you're not the type to smile all the time at least smile at people who look your way.

    Give people the opening they might need, or only the most extroverted souls will ever approach you, and remember that there is nothing wrong with raising the topic yourself. If you're on a bus or train or at the checkout talk to the cashier, or the person beside you. Give them a little push to turn their thoughts in the right direction; comment on how they smell, or say something to make it clear you're wearing a fragrance. Even if you're simply passing someone on the street aknowledge them, say good morning or greet them politely in passing.

    I think if you're not the sort of person who will compliment the way others smell, you're unlikely to be the sort of person who gets complimented on how you smell.

    There are so many ways people cut themselves off from others nowdays. This is a big issue and somewhat beside the point, and I don't want to stray off topic. Still you can extrapolate yourselves by thinking about it. I'll only mention a few things. I-pods and the like are inherently anti-social, and you might as well have a neon sign above your head which says 'I'm blocking you out,' when you go about in headphones. Playing with mobile phones, personal organisers and the like sends a simmilar message.

    In my experience if you cultivate the right habits to make yourself presentable and approachable, when in an environment and situation where people are not rushed, and where the weather and atmosphere is condusive to detecting the way others smell each and everytime you make a social connection with another (even if you merely make eye contact and smile) then provided there are no alienating factors like a substantial age difference there is a chance they will notice and say something about your fragrance.

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