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    Default No. 5 Extrait Longevity


    I was wondering if anyone could share their experiences with the current no 5 extrait in terms of longevity. I understand that it doesn't have a massive sillage.


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    Default Re: No. 5 Extrait Longevity

    Just to clarify - you're talking about pre-2010 [old] vs post-2010 [new] - right? [Not the really "vintage" Chanel].

    I've read posts here from people complaining about the longevity, but I havent really noticed that much difference. Both versions are fairly long lasting on me, with good silliage [I dont know about massive - but I can smell it]. The difference is in the actual smell. The whole middle part is now gone. You're basically left with the base and little else. Maybe in that sense - yeah - the old one went through more changes, so lasted longer.

    Im still trying to find something to layer the new one with to get something similar to the old one. Im going to try Liu - which is most similar in the opening - it has that same kind of [ugh! - it's hard for me to describe smells in words] - but it's kind of similar and might work.

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    Default Re: No. 5 Extrait Longevity

    Agree with classics lover. I have not experimented much with vintage. I sprayed the current version recently on my arm at an airport duty free. Sillage was good, though not as good as some other extraits I have. Longevity was also adequate, it stayed through the Europe-US flight, though of course that's a pretty quiet situation. In more normal day wear, with more body heat, it would likely stay less. Note however that my skin eats perfumes; for instance, the edt lasts no time on me.

    The problem, as classic lover was saying, it that it smells, to my nose, IFRA compliant and nearly jasmine-free. It opens with crisp, beautiful, soapy aldehydes, and then at some point it goes into the sweet, ambery base (where my nose plays tricks on me and I smell heliotropin, which is also banned).

    Which suggests for classic lover: perhaps something vintage and jasmine prominent? How about just a touch of Joy? Dangerous though, as Joy is powerful and contains a lot of civet, which could interfere with the crispness of the parfum. Perhaps directly a touch of jasmine extract?


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    Default Re: No. 5 Extrait Longevity

    Put it this way, I had a drop of it on my wrist and I was still smelling it 8hours later, super potent stuff

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    Default Re: No. 5 Extrait Longevity

    I have pre 2010 extrait and never experienced any problems with the longevity. It lasts all day, and only comes off after a good shower or a bath.

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    Default Re: No. 5 Extrait Longevity

    Well, someone has to be the voice of dissent, right? Regretful to say that my No.5 extrait purchased in spring of 2012 has zilch longevity. After an hour, I have to sniff hard to find the faint trace that is left. Still a gorgeous thing, though. Have done a side by side comparison with this 2012 bottle and some vintage (70's-80's) No.5 and it's just no contest, the vintage goes on all day.

    As far as the scent itself, I agree with Tania Sanchez' thoughts in The Guide. The vintage juice has even sparklier aldehydes (though the current gives it a good contest there) but they do converge for a bit in the heart and are nearly indistinguishable. But the vintage goes into its lovely cashmere drydown and hangs on until washed where with the current, I get no drydown to speak of.
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    Default Re: No. 5 Extrait Longevity

    I am so sad No .5 extrait doesn't have the kind of lasting power on my skin as it does for the above posters. It is a thing of beauty still but I don't understand how it has such terrible tenacity on my skin. I still love it though .I will just re apply and always remember I will need a ton of it to smell good for an extended period of time.
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    Default Re: No. 5 Extrait Longevity

    The longevity is great, but the projection is average.

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    Default Re: No. 5 Extrait Longevity

    I get piss poor longevity from the extrait which is why I do not own it. The vintage version is MUCH MUCH better in terms of longevity. Even the vintage cologne which has remarkable longevity last longer than the current extrait. At least on me it does...
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