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    Default Article: Collecting Vintage Perfume: An Interview with Barbara Herman of Yesterday's Perfume

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    Default Re: Article: Collecting Vintage Perfume: An Interview with Barbara Herman of Yesterday's Perfume

    Interesting interview, thank you for posting it. I agree that minis are a great source of valuable vintage perfumes. Miniature collectors are more interested in the bottle and the box and do not care that much about the content so most miniatures on the market are full and have not been damaged by sun light. Getting a few minis of a sought after perfume can actually turn out to be much more affordable than getting a full bottle.

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    Oh my goodness, Tabu by Dana - such a long time since I've seen this mentioned; a dear friend of mine, sadly no longer with us, used this when we were in our late teens/early twenties - she nicknamed it 'instant brothel'!!

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    I can't wait for this book. Thanks for such a great interview.

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    Thanks for a great interview. Yesterday's Perfume is so interesting to read, I hope she gets back to updating it more regularly when the book is published.

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    What a great interview, and I am looking forward to reading this book!

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    Oh how I lurve civet and real chypres. I'm all agog waiting or this book

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    At last a Book I WANT!

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    So agree that "roundness" seems past recapturing. Ms Herman is a formidable enabler for us vintage fumeheads.
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    Default Re: Article: Collecting Vintage Perfume: An Interview with Barbara Herman of Yesterday's Perfume

    I agree with everything wholeheartedly with one big exception. A dark vintage is not necessarily "off", if by off you mean turned. It will be different than the original, of course and you can fully expect that the top notes are gone never to return. Being a lover of what looks like the Coca Cola syrup of old drugstore days, I actually feel sad to read that! Many people prefer the dark syrup of vintage Shalimar and others that started off light.

    Another format for vintage perfumes that are as close to original as you will find today: nips. These have almost always been stored in cardboard tubes or boxes, hence away from light. They are completely encapsulated in their plasticene container with only a speck of air, if that. So heat would be the only possible damaging element and that seems less likely as these are so small and easily stored in a drawer or closet. I have had the pleasure of a Schiaparelli Shocking nip, which is delightful and they are not hard to find. Although I would choose the dark goo of most vintage bottles of this scent any day. It took fully two nips to get enough scent to test it and even then it was light. I adored it, but when I got a bottle and it was more concentrated - I was over the moon!

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    Looking forward to the book! :)

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