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    Default Your first cologne

    Drakkar Noir, as my name suggests, was my first real cologne. I still have the bottle, but I don't wear it much.

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    Default Re: Your first cologne

    The first fragrance I purchased for myself was Dunhill Edition back when I was a teenager in 1987. It was a fresh spicy citrus which was quite strong then it got woody and mossy in the dry down. The topnotes were sparkling and spicy.

    I recently purchased it at the start of the year and its sadly been reformulated and is now a "Diet Coke" version of what it should be. And all I have is a memory of the glory of what it used to be in days past.

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    Default Re: Your first cologne

    When I was teen around ten years ago I wear L'eau d'Issey, mY mom use some Dior and my dad used Drakar Nior & Farenheit (my sister was too young to wear perfume back then).
    ***My favourite from my collection***

    -------- Amouage: Tribute Attar, Jubilation XXV, GoldMan
    ------ Serge Lutens: Chêne, Tubéreuse Criminell, Ambre Sultan
    -------- Les Exclusifs de Chanel: Sycamore, Coromandel
    ------ Tom Ford Private Blend: Noir de Noir, Tobacco Vanille
    ------- Hermès: Terre D'Hermès Parfum, Ambre Narguilé
    ------ EDP Frederic Malle: Carnal Flower
    -------- Neela Vermire Creations: Trayee
    ------ Parfum MDCI: Invasion Barbare

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    Default Re: Your first cologne

    Coty Musk or Preferred Stock when I was a wee lad before graduating to Nautica Competition in my teens.
    "I am a robot and I like cheese"

    Top 5:
    1. Axe Kilo
    2. Lectric Shave
    3. Vicks Vapor Rub
    4. Febreze Pour Homme
    5. Preferred Stock

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    Default Re: Your first cologne

    Not sure as I can't remember that far back but I think it was either Pierre Cardin Cologne or English Leather

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    Default Re: Your first cologne the late sixties...
    & &
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    Default Re: Your first cologne

    Am sure this has been done before, however, for me it was Ralph Lauren Polo. It has held a special place in my heart ever since, and I'm certain it always will.
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    Default Re: Your first cologne

    Acqua di Gio back in late 2010. Haven't used it since mid-late 2011 and I wouldn't mind getting rid of it.

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    Default Re: Your first cologne

    In 1997, when I was 14: Salvador Dali pour Homme

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    Default Re: Your first cologne

    As I'm wearing my Clive Christian X today, I find it hard to believe that this was my first ever cologne, given to me by friends on my birthday in 2008. I don't even know if it's still in circulation nowadays; I would love to have a sniff of it again to bring back some memories of when I first entered medical university.

    My first self-purchased perfume however was Body Shop Activist, which I still keep now and although it is almost never used, holds a special place in my heart.

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    Default Re: Your first cologne

    Mid 90's, it was either Nautica (now called Nautica Classic), Chaps by Ralph Lauren, or Fahrenheit.

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    Default Re: Your first cologne

    My first colognes: Lacoste (Original) by Lacoste, Jazz by YSL, and Jovan Musk for Men by Jovan. Not really sure which one is the ultimate first. I started using Quorum by Antonio Puig when I was 16.
    Currently wearing: Aventus by Creed

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    Default Re: Your first cologne

    Canoe by Dana
    Preferred Stock by Coty
    Old Spice
    Gravity by Coty
    Aspen by Coty
    My Top 10

    1. Amouage Homage Attar
    2. Serge Lutens - Muscs Koublai Khan
    3. YSL M7
    4. Serge Lutens - Ambre Sultan
    5. Chanel Egoiste
    6. 24 Gold by Scentstory
    7. Amouage Epic Man
    8. Amouage Jubilation XXV
    9. Bond No. 9 New York Oud
    10. Serge Lutens - Chergui

    "A beautiful fragrance to the nose is like good jazz music to the ears, great food to the mouth, and Megan Fox and Jessica Alba to the eyes..."

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    Default Re: Your first cologne

    Armani Code

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    Default Re: Your first cologne

    Visit my Wordwide Swap Thread here for niche and designer full bottle trades:

    And my Worldwide full bottle sale thread:

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    Default Re: Your first cologne

    I can't remember what my first cologne was, my family gives them out for christmas so it was probably nautica or addidas i've had them all, but the one that truely stands out as my first, when I started wearing them regularly to smell good for girls was Coolwater by davidoff, I might have to go buy me a bottle now

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    Default Re: Your first cologne

    I remember telling my mother I wanted my own perfume. Something I chose. Not from dad's counter nor a gift. I was 6 or 7 in the late 80s. I bought Joop I think.
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    Default Re: Your first cologne

    I have a very vivid memory of my first cologne purchase. I was 13 back in the 80s and my aunt took me to the mall. She told me I could choose anything I wanted. I ended up at the cologne counter at Macy's and tried literally everything they had. I'm sure the SA was completely done with me by the time I decided on Polo Green.

    I got the whole set: The EdT, AS, and deodorant. Just as Davem81 said - "It has held a special place in my heart ever since, and I'm certain it always will."

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    Default Re: Your first cologne

    It was Dior Eau de Sauvage and the year was 1983. Was 15 back then. My mother bought me a bottle of it in the aeroplane. The flight was from Athens to Helsinki. (Before that i had tried some supermarket stuff like blue stratos, tabac original and old spice.)
    "Le parfum est la musique du corps" (Marcel Rochas)

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    Dior Sauvage (Francois Demachy,2015)
    Dior Fahrenheit (vintage) (Jean-Louis Sieuzac, Marcel Roger, 1988)
    Rochas Macassar (Nicolas Mamounas/Roger Pellegrino,1980)
    YSL Rive Gauche Pour Homme (Jaques Cavallier, 2003)
    Aventus by Creed (Olivier Creed/Erwin Creed,2010)
    Armani Code/Black Code (Antoine Maisondieu/Antoine Lie,2004)
    Gucci Nobile (Kathy Gurevich, 1988)

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    Default Re: Your first cologne

    Azzaro chrome legend!

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    Default Re: Your first cologne

    I bought it in the late 60's, and I STILL own it and love it to this day!..... Chanel Pour Monsieur....but I prefer to buy Chanel for Men vintage on Ebay the old formula has more spice and longevity....

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    Default Re: Your first cologne

    My memory is a bit foggy but I think it was Pierre Cardin
    Current Top Favorites:
    1) Portrait of a Lady original formula (EdP Frédéric Malle)
    2) Giorgio for Men vintage/V.I.P. for Men (Giorgio Beverly Hills)
    3) Dia Man vintage edt (Amouage)
    Anat Fritz Original Formula and Classical (Anat Fritz) - tie
    4) Lalfeorosa (O'driù) - tie

    Les Nombres d'Or Vetyver (Mona di Orio)
    7) Captain vintage (Molyneux)
    8) Tzora (Anat Fritz)
    9) Javanese Patchouli (Zegna) - tie
    9) Monsieur de Givenchy vintage (Givenchy) - tie
    9) Coeur de Vetiver Sacré (L'Artisan) - tie
    9) Polo vintage (Ralph Lauren) - tie
    9) Patou pour Homme Privé (Jean Patou) - tie
    9) Oud Shamash (The Different Company) - tie
    Currently wearing: Rose Cut by Ann Gerard

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    Default Re: Your first cologne

    My first fragrance was Marc Jacons for Men.

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    Default Re: Your first cologne

    It was Faberge Brut.

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    Default Re: Your first cologne

    CK one, got a big bottle for christmas back in 95. Didn't start wearing it right away, but when I finally did I went through that bottle with a vengance. Still brings back great memories of being young, highschool, and old girlfreinds. Ahhh to be young again!

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    Default Re: Your first cologne

    My first real cologne was a bottle of Pierre Cardin's Pour Monsiuer, which I purchased at Macys, when I was a teenager. Man I felt like I was buying gold. I never would have thought that the passion for fragrance collecting would continue to this day. I'm so very happy it did.

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    Default Re: Your first cologne

    The power of cool, Cool Water.

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    Default Re: Your first cologne


    When I was in college, some guy was selling fakes for around $10 a bottle. I sniffed a few and bought one. I wore it the next day and I'll never forget what happened.

    I was walking to class with my then roommate. As we came around a corner of a building, a woman and I plowed straight into each other, sending our stuff flying. BAM!!! My roommate stood there and watched as she and I collected our stuff off the floor. Her papers were everywhere, so we were scurrying around gathering them. The woman I'd collided with was gorgeous. I was a shy guy back then and I thought she was so far out of my league that I could barely even make eye contact with her. I helped her gather her papers and said I was sorry.

    I assumed she was going to apologize too, but instead she very matter-of-factly said "You smell great." She said it as if each of the three words was a different sentence. You. Smell. Great. And then she walked away.

    When I got home from a full day of classes, I laughed as I walked into the bathroom. An identical bottle of that fragrance was sitting on my roommate's side of the sink.

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    Default Re: Your first cologne

    Gap Blue No. 655 for Him by Gap. Still have the bottle too, although I think the juice inside might've turned.

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    Default Re: Your first cologne

    The one I bought for myself was Jo Malone Lime, Basil & Mandarin.

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