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    Default Which companies offer samples?

    Hello! I'm new to Basenotes, as you all can probably tell. Anyways, as I am a student with a small budget, I prefer to order samples before I buy a perfume, as well as to test how the fragrance works on my skin. I also wish to widen and experiment with my sense of smell. I'm rather new at identifying scents, but I'm getting much better at singling out certain notes. I've looked at older threads, but some of them are quite old and I thought it would be nice to make a new one, as companies often change policies and such.

    I've had good luck thus far with acquiring samples (still waiting for them to come though), but does anyone know of any companies that are rather generous with samples? I'm a bit far from any boutiques/malls with nice perfume counters to ask for them (I live in the middle-of-nowhere Northern Virginia). I'm especially interested in trying Lutens, but they haven't replied to me yet

    If anyone is interested, here are companies I've had good luck with:

    Mor (small samples of lotions)
    Omnia Profumi
    Agent Provocateur
    Annick Goutal

    edit: I apologize for the horrendous grammar in the title, I just noticed!
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    Default Re: Which companies that offer samples?

    Hi sweetoleander,

    There is a thread about just that topic, here:

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    Default Re: Which companies that offer samples?

    Oh, oops. I looked at that thread and noticed it was made in 2005. I thought it was long dead.

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    Default Re: Which companies offer samples?

    Hi sweetoleander,

    Here's a recent thread on this topic:

    Also, this isn't quite what you're asking for but you might find it helpful - I started a thread recently asking about frangrance houses that sell sample sets, and people were really helpful. It's here:

    Obviously they're selling them, not offering them free, but some of them are pretty good value

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    Default Re: Which companies offer samples?

    Have nothing to contribute to what other members have already pointed out, just wanted to say Hi and Welcome. Nice to have you among us, we need young and passionate ladies to join.
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    Default Re: Which companies offer samples?


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    Default Re: Which companies offer samples?

    Scented Monkey offers lots of samples for $2.99 each. It's a great deal. I keep the little bubble wrap bag in my purse and always have a variety of scents to choose from.

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