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    Default Hello...Terre D'Hermes vs Aramis Tuscany.

    Firstly, let me start by say hello! to everyone. This is my 1st thread, although I have lurked for a great many years.

    For about 4yrs I've had a bottle of Terre D'Hermes After Shave Balm sitting on the bathroom shelf, unopened. It was a gift with which I also received the underarm spray. I used the underarm aerosol a few times as an air freshener and found it to be a bit too powerhouse-y, thus, I never opened what I actually thought was a cologne. Anyway, for what ever reason today was the day I opened the balm and tried it. I finding it fairly pleasant thus far but it's creating this overwhelming nostalgia, one that has me thinking it is unbelievably like Aramis' Tuscany. I was familiar with this a great many years ago and used the balm. So I'm wondering...Is it just a balm thing or are these two similar in any way?

    Is it worth exploring the Terre D'Hermes EDT? (Given that I don't really like powerhouse fragrances and don't want another Tuscany.)

    Thanks in advance for any advice.

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    If not now, when?

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    Default Re: Hello...Terre D'Hermes vs Aramis Tuscany.

    Welcome to BN

    I do not find them similar, personally.

    The Hermes has that prominent orange note and it's overdosed with synthetic wood notes (the Iso-e-super) so it has a sort of sparkly radiance to it. The Aramis is a bit more solid, with that wonderful and unique bergamot/geranium/patchouli combo that creates a luxurious pungency. I personally think that only vintage Tuscany is any good, the new stuff is a little too sharp for my tastes.

    Why don't you get a sample of both & wear them for a few weeks before you decide on a full bottle? I don't think you can properly gauge the wearability of TdH from smelling the after shave balm though, you need to smell/wear the actual fragrance.
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    Default Re: Hello...Terre D'Hermes vs Aramis Tuscany.

    Definitely worth exploring Terre D'Hermes which is much better than Tuscany IMO.

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    Default Re: Hello...Terre D'Hermes vs Aramis Tuscany.

    Hardly any similarity, thus, worth testing IMO.

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    Default Re: Hello...Terre D'Hermes vs Aramis Tuscany.

    I just don't seem able to get along with Aramis Tuscany.

    TdH, on the other hand, is superb!!

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    Default Re: Hello...Terre D'Hermes vs Aramis Tuscany.

    I don't find many similarities in the modern incarnations, so perhaps it's a balm thing. As others have said, Tuscany is herbal, while TdH is citrusy and woody-flinty/sparkly. I like the current Tuscany a lot (but haven't tried vintage) - I like TdH too but it's not a big wow. In any case, TdH is definitely not a powerhouse. On the contrary, it is designed to be more muted. If you like it, you can explore - it should be widely available, so you can spray in store.


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    Default Re: Hello...Terre D'Hermes vs Aramis Tuscany.

    I own both but do not find many similarities between the two. I should mention I have been wearing Tuscany since I hunted T-Rex so I am a big fan. Every so often I still get a bottle and always wind up finishing it. I also find TDH to be a very nice scent also. Both are readily available to sample.

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    Default Re: Hello...Terre D'Hermes vs Aramis Tuscany.

    Thanks for the replies/advice. I'll check it out.

    I suspected the EDT's wouldn't be remotely similar but I just can't get my head around the similarity in the balms. I knew it was probably a long shot asking if anyone had tried both balms as I know these don't tend to be very popular.

    I've never tried the reformulated Tuscany, mikeperez23, I'm intrigued.

    I have fond memories of stealing some of my Fathers original formula as a young teenager, but like you HDD8, I didn't get on with it very well either. That's why I bought myself the balm (very mild and stays close, which I like.) Sniffing the Hermes took me straight back there.

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    Default Re: Hello...Terre D'Hermes vs Aramis Tuscany.

    Both are worthy scents and I love them both, but personally prefer Terre d'Hermes which I find dissimilar to Tuscany.
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