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    Default Sample testing....

    Hi there I was just sitting in watching TV and I thought it would be a great time to sample. I was looking through the box of samples and came across my sample of the new Mona's Rose. When I first tried it, I HATED IT, I though it was to candy sweet. I sample it now and am thinking how a full bottle would benefit my collection. My question many times do you hate a fragrance on testing but then come around?

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    Default Re: Sample testing....

    MMmm, it happens sometimes. The ones I realllly hate, I still hate. The ones I kinda hated, sometimes I end up liking. I kinda didn't like BVL Black at first sniff, now I want a FB. Sometimes a like can turn to a, what was I thinking?? Lol. Glad you like the rose. Enjoy!

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    Default Re: Sample testing....

    Almost never in my case... I didn't like Mona's Rose the first time I smelled it, and unfortunately I still dislike it. Too bad really as I was so looking forward to it. The peach and aldehydes ruined it for me... :-(
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    Default Re: Sample testing....

    Confetto by Profumum . This was one of my very first niche samples and I hated it. I wanted to vomit ! I was horrified that anyone would pay good money to smell of new sweet plastic . This was in 2008.
    I tried it because it was purported to be a copy of Hypnotic Poison.
    Anyway , I kept that sample and I still have it. I have returned to this Confetto sample time again and I now love it.
    In fact I may even buy a bottle one day soon if Dior continue to cheapen their ingredients used in Hypnotic Poison. The vanilla in Confetto is much better than the latest vanilla in Hypnotic Poison and Confetto has more anise in it. Frankly it smells like Hypnotic Poison used to .

    The other 360 turnaround was Coco Mademoiselle.
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    Default Re: Sample testing....

    Quote Originally Posted by fragranceman88 View Post
    My question many times do you hate a fragrance on testing but then come around?
    Has yet to happen to me.

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    Default Re: Sample testing....

    It's hard to come around to liking something I hate. I've been in two minds about fragrances where I like the opening but dislike the drydown and vice versa.

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    Default Re: Sample testing....

    Not too often, but it happens. To be quite honest, I typically will love a fragrance after sampling it, buy a full bottle, then realize months later that I actually hate the stuff..

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    Default Re: Sample testing....

    I felt that way about Musc Ravageur. At first, couldn't get past the pungent cloves, but now when I smell it I think of Honey Grahams cereal with milk and want a bottle.

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    Default Re: Sample testing....

    Usually sticks with the first impression, but Noir Epices might be changing my mind.

    Mona's Rose though, I feel is basically nice, I love peach, but have yet to find one I like. It almost shares the same space to in my head as Guerlain's Rose Barbare, but that was just my initial impression.

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    Default Re: Sample testing....

    Papyrus de Ciane was one of my biggest 180. First time I tried it I got terribly disappointed by its "soapy" quality. After a bunch of wearings I grown very of fond of it and got a full bottle.

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