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    Default Most worn in July 2012

    Good morning! Another month has come to an end. What do your stats look like? Mine look like this:

    4 Bandit, Rose Absolue
    3 Eau de Camille, Ormonde, Rhubarb, Un Lys
    2 Cèdre, Gris Clair, Hinoki, Jasmine et Cigarette, Rosa Flamenca

    Roses, woods and cool green notes were going strong this month, but so were whiffs of ashtray!
    I started the month in Jasmine et Cigarette and ended it in Bandit...
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    Default Re: Most worn in July 2012

    No repeated fragrances this month. I had repeats by houses:
    SL x 2
    Chanel x 3
    Agent Provocateur x 2
    Guerlain x 2

    I was mainly reaching for bold floral fragrances, spices, amber and woods. Had plenty of rose and patchouli in different combinations. My choices were driven by low temperature, wind and rain; I needed something gutsy and comforting at the same time.

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    Default Re: Most worn in July 2012

    I've been away at my mom's for about two weeks of this month, so the numbers really show that. The Tromsø summer also hasn't been too warm, and at my mom's the weather was changing from lots of rain to sun and high temperatures.

    Here's my statistics:

    Sa majeste la rose

    Parfum Sacre
    Midnight violet
    C&S #88

    1x: Samsara,Chergui,L'ombre dans l'eau,NR For Her,Bois d'iris,Fracas,Crystal Noir,Bois des iles,Coco,Trouble,Feminite du bois.

    A month of quite a lot of floral scents, mainly roses, but also patchouli and "power-scents". ( needed that extra "oomph" for a rather sad month )

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    Default Re: Most worn in July 2012

    >10: Sliver Aoud, it's great in the heat and the GF eats it off my skin, too

    >5: Lumiere Noir ph, APOM ph, Cuba (C&S)

    But I often wear 2 frags per day.
    Other than that it's been widely rotation.
    Smellin good

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    Default Re: Most worn in July 2012

    4 x Stella

    3 x Alien Sunessence Or d'Ambre

    2 x Luxe:Champaca, Habanita, Mirra lndiana, Jasmin Full, Samsara, Tiare Flower, Eau d'lparie, Narcisse Noir, Alien Sunessence, Un Matin d'Orage, Allure & Black Orchid

    1 x Virgin lsland Water, Tuberose Gardenia, Jasmin Noir, Patchouli lmperial, Santal 33, Shalimar, Bois d'Armenie, Memoir Man, Dead Sexy, L'lnstant, Brasil Dream, Lust, L'Heure Bleue, Acaciosa, Stoned, Organza, Flower Market, Jardenia, Alien Liqueur de Parfum, Lys Mediterranee, Gigi, Mayotte, Mahora, Dans Tes Bras, Tubereuse Criminelle, Flora Bella, Aloha Tiare, Tirrenico, Tubereuse Diabolique, Sheer Stella & Alien Eau Luminescente.

    A total of 45 scents worn. House of the month; Guerlain, closely followed by Mugler.

    My choices have been all over the place again this month, including scents that are, for me, from all four seasons. This is due to the vagaries of our British summer, veering wildly this year from very wet & cold to scorching hot, & everything in between! When the sun has come out, l've been craving jasmine, tuberose & roses, & enjoying them, more than ever.
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    Default Re: Most worn in July 2012

    hmmm, not sure of the exact number, but something around this

    De Bachmakov: 4
    GIT: 3
    1861: 3
    L'eau D'Hiver: 2
    Menthe Fraiche: 2
    Pear + Olive: 2
    Un Fleur de Cassie : 2

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    Default Re: Most worn in July 2012

    L'Eau De Tarocco is on heavy rotation here together with my summer usual vetivers roster. Sous Le Vent gained my attention quite a few times as well...

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    Default Re: Most worn in July 2012

    This should be an easy month to tally since I was away for a couple of weeks and only wore two fragrances for the duration ...the rest are my usual suspects.

    12 x Chanel Bel Respiro
    10 x Shalimar Parfum Initial
    7 x Dune and Songes
    5 x L'Instant
    3 x Fragonard Belle de Soleil, Gucci Rush, Lush Lust and AdP Magnolia Nobile
    2 x Samsara, Paco Rabanne Métal, Lemon Alien and Beach Alien

    And single wearings of JPG Ma Dame, Creed Fleurs de Bulgarie, Clinique Aromatics Elixir, Rochas Mystère, Calvin Klein, Halston, Deneuve, Caron Infini, Rive Gauche, Lumière Noir Pour Femme, Gucci No3, HdP 1889 Moulin Rouge, Lush Karma, Givenchy Ysatis, Balmain Ivoire and Estee Lauder Knowing and Private Collection.

    ...yep, that was rather easy!
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    Default Re: Most worn in July 2012

    Three repeats for me this month: Sweet Redemption, Morgane Le Fay Blue, and Bond Andy Warhol. One new-to-me scent tested this month: Iris Taizo.
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    Default Re: Most worn in July 2012

    Might as well add the ones I wore once in July: Eau du Ciel, Carven Vétiver, CdG Soda, Un Zest de Rose and La Myrrhe.

    I also tested Blenheim Bouquet, English Fern and Quercus
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    Default Re: Most worn in July 2012

    chanel de russie a few times then mostly (and very heavily) it's been the vetivers: guerlain, cdg, givenchy, etro, lubin, lorenzo villoresi.

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    Default Re: Most worn in July 2012

    Most worn in july was Guerlain L'Instant, followed by Miss Dior, Dioressence (vintage <3 !) and Diorella. I've testet MFK Oud and Amouage Ubar twice, and the rest of the days were single wearings from i.e. Miller Harris (L'air de Rien) Lolita Lempicka (LL and Fleur de corail) and SL (Louve).
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    Default Re: Most worn in July 2012

    Quote Originally Posted by Evangeline View Post
    12 x Chanel Bel Respiro
    Well, well, well, well-well, well-well. It took a few years, but we have finally discovered an overlap in our fragrance affections. Of course, I don't even wear BR anymore since my decant ran out and my mister thought this Bel Revolto. But still, I celebrate this revelation. I bet BR smells better on you, Evangeline, than it does on me anyway.

    Much like U.S. Olympic swimmers Phelps and Lochte, two fragrances have vied to be the standout winners this past month:

    5x JM Fresh Mint Leaf
    5x CdG Jaisalmer
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