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Thread: Hey guys !

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    Default Hey guys !

    Shouts to the fragrance community
    my question concerns the frag community in India, mumbai preferrably.

    i really dont wanna courier around stuff cuz i havnt really dont it much, lemme no ur ideas and takes if any of you'll have done it !

    i can get more, lemme no if u guys want any for swap's and lemme no what you guys have !

    p.s- im sorry if i have posted the wrong thing in the wrong section, but i just joined and this is my first post
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    Default Re: Hey guys !

    I have the stabbing urge to have some achari ghosh right now.
    for swap/sale:

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    Default Re: Hey guys !

    ohhhh, hahahaha, i think i smell some being cooked in my neighbourhood right now

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