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My first full day of undiluted juice, and it has been an interesting one. The scent is very, very persistent. It was 12 hours ago that I put it on, and it didn't become a skin scent until a couple of hours ago.

The scent isn't one I would have chosen on my own. I like my citrus scents a little brighter. This one feels like a heavy citrus. Interesting, yes, pretty even, but like wanting to buy chiffon curtains and ending up with brocade. I'm looking forward to a few more days of wearing this scent. Definitely a scent where I wonder if it will grow on me.
I waffled on it. I was going to get a second small bottle, but in the end, I just realized that I didn't love it enough, and let the opportunity pass.

A very interesting citrus, but that's not enough for me to buy something these days. I have a few mL left, and that will be enough, I think.