Now, we are all currently on a site dedicated to fragrances.
So be default we are not the most common of noses to even start.
This means that of course we are mostly here for the nitty gritty,
The Creeds, Amouges Bond No. 9s Frederic Malle etc.

but what are the best CHEAP fragrances on the market today? stuff that is preferably under $30 - $50

stuff that even though they can be considered cheap most definitely go over and above what they should be
whether it be in performance practically or just the other all smell.

the obvious one is Cool Water however for me it would be "Pole Position - David Coulthard":

Honestly i would love to see this fragrance get more praise. i'm sure it's a rip off of something but i haven't smelt what the inspiration to this fragrance is if you know, please tell. but it has a very special place in my heart and i am absolutely not ashamed to have it standing side by side a niche fragrance. It is very unique as a cheapy and is rather boosy (think whisky and gin) easily a perfect signature scent for winter and i feel uite daring for a cheap scent as i could see people not liking it. I think it's got enough sweetness to keep everybody happy but i think it truly has a charm which alot of other cheap fragrances lack greatly. the projection and longevity are above average for a cheapy i'd say a good 5 -6 hours on longev. and a pretty nice scent cloud with proj. It certainly does not stick to the skin.

So are there any cheap fragrances that you are not ashamed to stick your hands up and declare your admiration for it?

thanks, George