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Thread: Fake Fahreheit

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    Default Fake Fahreheit

    I bought one on eBay came from Hungary, am I correct in suspecting?

    Sorry,Wrong name...
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    Depending on the lighting effect of taking the photo it looks like you might have the first reformulation which would be nice as long as it's been stored well. Recently bought a part used original version and it had degraded fairly badly but for the price I got it for it was worth the risk.

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    If it smells OK to you and like what you expected, that's all that should matter.

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    Ide say fake. Newer box but older bottle. Plus eau de toilette should be the length of the word fahrenheit unless its the original which the box indicates is not

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    the code indicates it was manufactured in May 2005,printing of the bottle a little bad, but not peel off, the seller already have qualified, but I will contact him again,for a moment I thought it might be mentioned that the Android, but to really get the impression that it is fake,thanks for helping me

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