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    Default Tincturing Orris Root Concrete

    I must admit I have a heck of a nose, maybe even super powers, as my eyes were damaged five years ago and my olfactory sensitivity went off the charts...recently i smelled trace elements of pesticide in some bergamot that none of my perfumista friends could catch....another story. My blending skills are less developed so I ask elementary questions like this one. I have orris root concrete 8%. I assume this is readily tincturable but how do I calculate the amount of perfumers alcohol and water I need to add to this concrete to create a tincture. i generally tincture my stuff a little on the high end - like 15% oil - in order to use my own technique for smelling scent combos prior to blending. I use the caps from the bottles and put them at different distances from my nose to emulate varying amounts of each note.
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