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    Default Curve from amazon, fake?

    I purchased a new bottle of curve directly from amazon and it came unsealed. It was just the tin box and the bottle once you opened up the tin. The bottle has an orange stopper thing.

    The tin also has no mention of claireborne and just says curve. I believe this is the new, reformulated version ? Bottom says made by ea fragrances of new York (Elizabeth Arden??). Serial on tin and the bottom of the bottle match. The reason why I doubt it's authenticity is that the longevity is less than 1hr!! It also doesn't seem to have any projection after the first 10 mins.

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    Default Re: Curve from amazon, fake?

    Hopefully you'll be able to return it if you are not happy with it.

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    Default Re: Curve from amazon, fake?

    yes try and return ive bought a few fragrances off amazon and everytime im dissapointed i dont kno if its the mailing process or if there just fake so i just go to stores now

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    Default Re: Curve from amazon, fake?

    If it was ordered directly from Amazon and not through one of their third party retailers it should be legit, but maybe it was stored in poor warehouse conditions or something. I've heard other people complain about Amazon too.

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    Default Re: Curve from amazon, fake?

    Sounds like a fake. Return it after getting back your money.

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    Default Re: Curve from amazon, fake?

    Have you asked anyone else if they can smell it even after you can't? Direct from Amazon would not be fake, but if you're displeased with it they will take care of you.

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    Default Re: Curve from amazon, fake?

    Not fake, probably stored in bad conditions. If you contact Amazon they are going to refund you and tell you to keep the bottle.
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    Default Re: Curve from amazon, fake?

    Everything about the tin and bottle sounds legit. The tin doesn't come sealed and it has that silly orange stopper thingamabob. Curve is now produced by EA Fragrances.

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    Default Re: Curve from amazon, fake?

    L'Homme Blanc Individuel is right- a little while back, Elizabeth Arden acquired the rights to Curve the fragrance. The new packaging reflects this change, although I'm unaware of any reformulations. I've had a bottle in my collection since junior high (probably went through 5-6 bottles in my life so far), and it's always been average in terms of sillage and longevity, but one hour is not acceptable. I highly doubt there are a lot of fakes on a $20 fragrance, although it is possible. If you're unhappy with your purchase, I'd return it before time runs out and buy it local (I think most drugstores and Walmarts and such still carry this big seller) so you can see what you're getting. And there's always tons of 'vintage' (lol) Curve on ebay, new and used, so if you really like the fragrance (I still do no matter how many more well-crafted juices I've come across since), get what you're looking for. Hell, buy a few 'vintage' ones on ebay, and you're still in ballpark of a single designer, in terms of price. No reason to waste any of your concern on something so trivial.

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