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    Default Slumberhouse - Ore

    Does anyone know where I can purchase Slumberhouse Ore? It's been discontinued due to limited availability of some ingredients. I'm looking for a bottle or decant. Anything really!
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    Default Re: Slumberhouse - Ore

    PM sent

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    Default Re: Slumberhouse - Ore

    That's a real pity. Ore used to be one of the most interesting gourmands around...

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    Default Re: Slumberhouse - Ore

    Luckily for me Ore didn't really work with Shiny Beast. I'll should be testing it later this week, can't wait. After testing Pear + Olive, I had to try Ore. Josh's take on gourmands is so unique. I'd love to see him come up with one that had some real spice, other than clove.

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    Default Re: Slumberhouse - Ore

    This stuff is AWESOME.

    For almost the entire time I smelled the top notes I was certain I was smelling patchouli because of that unique 'cocoa' note that many patchouli scents have. Looking at the list of notes, patchouli is not listed...but it has that same dark, dirty, earthy smell with a wonderful dry (not sweet) whiff of chocolate. Wow, perhaps the only other chocolate note that I've ever smelled that was this unique was the discontinued Spicy Cocoa by Comme des Garcons.

    Anyone else smell this one?
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    Default Re: Slumberhouse - Ore

    I figured I'd bump an old thread rather than starting one of my own. Man, I smelled this for the first time today and I am immediately hooked. The cocoa is so stunningly good. It's not completely smooth, as it has this darkness that interplays with some woods, with an almost bitter yet somehow like powdered sugar type of smell going on in there. I wouldn't call it "sweet" by the modern terms, but it is certainly interesting for a gourmandish style fragrance. I have to say, the woods are also awesome. They never really "peak" so to say, but they play a great second fiddle to the cacao, something it definitely needs. I'd say this is one of Josh's best ever, and I am really sad I missed out on a bottle since he made 5 not so long ago.

    If only I could purchase this now, I would do it in a heartbeat. If you ever get a chance to sniff it, do!

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    Default Re: Slumberhouse - Ore

    Well, Josh recently announced that fans of some of his former fragrances should keep an eye on his "Ltd." page in the next few weeks, so Ore may have a brief comeback. Who knows. It's one of the few I've never smelled.

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