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Thread: Roses

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    killeen texas

    Default Roses

    what are your favorite rose fragrance????

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    Default Re: Roses

    Rosissimo by Parfums de Rosine

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    Default Re: Roses

    Black aoud
    Bond ny oud
    Amouage Lyric
    Le Labo Rise 31
    My Top 10

    1. Amouage Homage Attar
    2. Serge Lutens - Muscs Koublai Khan
    3. YSL M7
    4. Serge Lutens - Ambre Sultan
    5. Chanel Egoiste
    6. 24 Gold by Scentstory
    7. Amouage Epic Man
    8. Amouage Jubilation XXV
    9. Bond No. 9 New York Oud
    10. Serge Lutens - Chergui

    "A beautiful fragrance to the nose is like good jazz music to the ears, great food to the mouth, and Megan Fox and Jessica Alba to the eyes..."

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    Default Re: Roses

    Lumiere Noire Pour Homme
    Portrait of a Lady
    Rose 31

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    Default Re: Roses

    Dior Oud Ispahan
    Perfumer's Workshop Tea Rose
    ETA: Portrait of a Lady
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    Default Re: Roses

    MFK Lumiere Noire pour Homme
    Kilian Rose Oud
    FM Portrait of a Lady
    FM Une Rose
    Creed Windsor

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    Default Re: Roses

    Portrait of a Lady, then Baie Rose 26, then Rose Barbare

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    Default Re: Roses

    Montale Attar. Everything else is rose patchouli, rose pepper etc. Perfumers seem to want to make a men's rose but are afraid that it might actually smell like roses.

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    Default Re: Roses

    Luminere Noire PH
    Rose 31
    Black Aoud

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    Default Re: Roses

    Creed Windsor
    Bond no 9 New York Oud
    Kilian Rose Oud
    Montale Black Aoud

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    Default Re: Roses

    +1 Attar
    Aoud Queen Roses
    Currently wearing: Givenchy III by Givenchy

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    Default Re: Roses

    Serge Lutens: Rose de Nuit

    That being said, there's stiff competition out there.

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    Default Re: Roses

    "in love again" by YSL

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    Default Re: Roses

    Rose Oud.
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    Default Re: Roses

    N'Aimez Que Moi -
    Rose Paestum
    Rose Oud - Kilian
    Une Rose
    Oud Ispahan
    Lumiere noir pour Homme
    for swap/sale:

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    Default Re: Roses

    Lumiere Noire pour Homme
    Rose 31
    Portrait of a Lady

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    Default Re: Roses

    Lumiere Pour Homme
    Opus 1870
    Lyric Man
    Currently wearing: Patchouli by Murdock

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    Creed Fleur de The rose Bulgare
    Diptyque l'Ombre dans L'eau

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    Default Re: Roses

    Portrait of a Lady (EdP Frederic Malle) is my favorite by far...

    Other excellent contenders in order of preference:

    Lalfeorosa (O'driu)
    Vintage JHL (Aramis)
    Vintage No.89 (Floris)
    Lumiere Noir pour Homme (MFK)
    Une Rose (EdP Frederic Malle)
    Rose Nacree du Desert (Guerlain)
    Lyric Man (Amouage)
    Rose Oud (By Kilian)

    There are so many more good ones in a crowded field...
    Last edited by drseid; 16th August 2012 at 10:24 AM.
    Current Top Favorites:
    1) Portrait of a Lady original formula (EdP Frédéric Malle)
    2) Giorgio for Men vintage/V.I.P. for Men (Giorgio Beverly Hills)
    3) Dia Man vintage edt (Amouage)
    Anat Fritz Original Formula and Classical (Anat Fritz) - tie
    4) Lalfeorosa (O'driù) - tie

    Les Nombres d'Or Vetyver (Mona di Orio)
    7) Captain vintage (Molyneux)
    8) Tzora (Anat Fritz)
    9) Javanese Patchouli (Zegna) - tie
    9) Monsieur de Givenchy vintage (Givenchy) - tie
    9) Coeur de Vetiver Sacré (L'Artisan) - tie
    9) X for Men (Clive Christian) - tie
    9) Patou pour Homme Privé (Jean Patou) - tie
    9) Oud Shamash (The Different Company) - tie
    Currently wearing: Unguentum by Onyrico

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    Default Re: Roses

    Black Aoud (Montale) - apart from that my appreciation for the rose-genre is limited.

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    Default Re: Roses

    Ahh I remembered one. Czeck & Speake no.88

    It has a healthy dollop of geranium too,
    for swap/sale:

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    Default Re: Roses

    Une Rose
    Portrait of a Lady
    Rose Poivree
    Baie Rose 26
    Lady Vengeance
    Lyric Woman
    Rose de Nuit
    CDG 2
    Rose Ikebana
    Black Oud
    Rose 31
    Caron Rose
    Or et Noir
    Sa Majeste La Rose
    Voleur de Roses
    Lipstick Rose

    ...what can I say, I'm a sucker for roses...

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    Default Re: Roses

    Portrait of a Lady
    L'Ombre dans L'Eau
    Fleur de Thé Rose Bulgare
    “interpretation is the revenge of the intellect upon art.” - Susan Sontag

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    Default Re: Roses

    Lumiere Noire PH MFK
    No. 88 C&S

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    Default Re: Roses

    +1 Luminere Noire PH

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    Default Re: Roses

    Lumiere Noire pour homme
    CDG Rose
    Amouage Lyric man

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    Default Re: Roses

    I thoroughly enjoy the rose vibe in Narciso Rodriguez for Him Musc. It is so well blended and complex. Excellent fragrance.

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    Default Re: Roses

    Ungaro III

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    Default Re: Roses

    Aramis 900.

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    Default Re: Roses

    All the best ones have been mentioned already so I'll add Tom Ford Noir de Noir.
    Currently wearing: Beloved Man by Amouage

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