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Thread: Fakes !

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    Default Fakes !

    Hey Guys !
    Shouts to ya'al

    This post is a two part post, the first part being all about fakes, im in india and the perfume scene is wide here but still pretty darn expensive, so i have been resorted to buying not in box pieces from this guy since the past who calls them testers(he's a grey market source), i dont see any tester like 'not for sale' on them, cud be a sticker maybe.
    im a regular so, i pretty much return a frag which i think is fake, but he just has this supplier from dubai(he claims so) and im positive he has no knowledge of perfume whatsover.

    Even his tester have been mixed for me, there are ones like a*men, kouros , ADG , Dior homme sport which have been orignal to the O.
    but ive had pieces from him like la nuit de l'homme, chanel AHS and AH (i have a doubt about them one cuz they lasts pretty long and smells like most reviewer's have described it, but i remember reading somewhere that its pretty hard to get ur hands on and OG unless its from their desire route of retailers or their store), armani sport code etc.

    Recently i was totally diggin Versace pour homme and eau fraiche and wanted to buy it and he didnt have an unboxed piece and even though i had smelt both, i told him i wanted to buy them, but wasnt sure of the smell, so he for me opened the boxes of both and gave me a spray on each arm, and i was shocked, nothing like the orignal !
    The same with armani sport code and la nuit, though i could spot on the armani sport code that the bottle didnt have the rubbery feel like the orignal.Also i smelt the DHI 'tester' he had, which smelt Fake to the F, though the bottle again was exact and his box piece also smelt fishy.

    Beleive me i have done my research on each one of them and i wanted to let you guys no (even though most of you know it), these guys making fakes have gotten "PERFECT" as far as the bottles go, i have purchased a bleu de chanel, and im soo confused whether its the orignal or not ! Ill post pics bcuz the bottle is exactly as the orignal, withe magnetic cap and th logo alignin when it shuts, also i just brought an issey miyake l'eau d'issey cuz i love it soo much(200ml) i had brought my previous one also from him and the smell is entirely diff of the new one ive brought, im sure on my previous bottles orignality, ill be posting pictures of both.
    So guys trust me and all those who say, better buy from a reputed seller expensive than go for cheap prices or too good to be true bargains and shady grey market routes !

    My second part is basically buying off the internet and i wanted you people's opinion about buyin wether its safe and what websites are the safest.
    Ive heard good reviews on fragrancenet and fragrancex, anybody second that ?
    Also, is buying testers from the above two sites safe ? bcuz if i go to buy the box pieces, shipping to india makes the price equivalent to what i get here !
    So shud i shop online ?
    and if i do, shud i buy testers online ?

    I really need you people to give your opinions on both of my questions, thanks a lot guys for taking the time to read this and i look forward to your replies
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    Default Re: Fakes !

    Quote Originally Posted by fraghead93 View Post
    shud i buy testes online ?
    I had no idea it was possible; I am horrified.

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    Default Re: Fakes !

    So guys trust me and all those who say, better buy from a reputed seller expensive than go for cheap prices or too good to be true bargains and shady grey market routes !
    Try taking a sample bottle of whatever you're thinking about buying with you, and just avoid juice with batch-variation issues.

    and if i do, shud i buy testes online ?
    I wouldn't. Testicles are really something you need to see and handle first.

    ... Sorry, couldn't resist :P

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    Default Re: Fakes !

    I've never had a fake from: Cheapsmells and Fragrancenet + fragrancex

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    Default Re: Fakes !

    I've bought a lot from and have only positive expreriences, in fact, excellent.
    Usually i wait untill they have campaign of free international shipping and make my purchase then.
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    Default Re: Fakes !

    I've had a good experience with Fragrancenet. I hear their customer service is horrible, but I've never head to deal with them. The bottles I got are legit and the prices were excellent.

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    Default Re: Fakes !

    amazon has been good to me especially when I go with buyers with good feedback

    - - - Updated - - -

    we should sticky this and make it into the is my bottle a fake thread pictures and all

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    Default Re: Fakes !

    Spray the suspect frag on clean cloth and see how it develops over time. If you don't think you can tell, then you might as well buy dollar store frags until you can (at least that is my "rule").

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    Default Re: Fakes !

    It's sad but true, those guys will keep on selling as long as people keeps buying them. Got a fake Chanel from e-bay.

    I had only good experiences from Fragancenet. They were all legit, and shipped quickly.
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    Default Re: Fakes !

    so fragrancenet and fragrancex are my safest bets ?
    for boxed pieces and testers as well ?

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    Default Re: Fakes !

    Wow those bottles look almost identical... if the left one is a fake then they have gotten really good at it!
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    Default Re: Fakes !

    Dont really understand what most of your post is about....but, fragrancenet and fragx are completely reliable and do not sell fakes. Use coupon code "basenotes" for 15% off. and go through ebates for even more savings.
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    Default Re: Fakes !

    My brother just bought me a TM A*MEN PURE HAVANE at this site (based in India), about 80$ after discount and they shipped for free. I'm waiting for him to come back to Vietnam and I'll unbox it

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