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    Default Buying Curve for Men in Italy

    Hi guys! I'm new on this forum and I need a little help.. I'm searching for the Curve but I don't remember to seeing it in my country perfumery. Where can I buy it? I'd like to test a sample before buying but the shipping cost worries me!
    Thanks in advance!

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    Default Re: Buying Curve for Men in Italy

    Amazon sells it and so does ebay, the thing about shipping and all, is that curve is very inexpensive that with shipping and all it shouldn't be more than 35 dolllars

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    Default Re: Buying Curve for Men in Italy

    I don't trust in ebay and amazon perfumes cause there are many fakes.
    Can anyone suggest to me a good online shop?

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    Default Re: Buying Curve for Men in Italy

    Many of us here on Basenotes do buy from ebay and for the most part, have no problems. There's always a chance you may not get what you ordered, but I would think for Curve, you should be safe enough. Just do a close check on the seller's feedback, and go from there. I'd give it a try anyway. Good Luck!

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