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    Default Opardu Puredistance

    A new one for the ladies from Puredistance.
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    Default Re: Opardu Puredistance

    Thanks for the link. It sounds divine!

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    Default Re: Opardu Puredistance

    Oh boy! New lilac. Should be fun to try.
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    Default Re: Opardu Puredistance

    Lilac!! What fond memories this brings back. When I was a child I adored these beautiful flowers. My Dad would plant them just below my bedroom window every spring so I would smell that gorgeous scent through my raised window when I awoke each morning. Time to start throwing my change in the "for perfume" jar. I'll need it just to try a sample!

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    Default Re: Opardu Puredistance

    Well, I am sampling it today (I won a sample.) and I must say I miss 'opulence' - floral heftiness to be precise. I'm using the word 'opulence' as it came with Puredistance's brief. I also don't agree with the bloggers mentioning the legendary Vacances by Patou, which was brighter, airier and somewhat more special, if memory serves well. I perceive it as a better En Passant with low sillage.

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    Default Re: Opardu Puredistance

    Thank you for bringing me back down to earth, Larimar. I have been reading comments about the scent for several days now and foaming at the mouth in anticipation of trying it somehow, someway, someday. I am still curious about it, of course, but reading your comments makes me remember that I have been underwhelmed more than once by scents that are supposed to be phenomenal.

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    Default Re: Opardu Puredistance

    Quote Originally Posted by Larimar View Post
    I perceive it as a better En Passant with low sillage.
    Good to know, thanks

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    Default Re: Opardu Puredistance

    Leesee, I know from the SotD threads in the past that our taste is quite alike, so I assume it is fair to say that it is as likely to see a new smashing creation (to our standards) on the horizon as a sighting of a unicorn would be.

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