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    Default Bogue, Masque, Mona di Orio, Etro, Malle, Lagerfeld, MFK, Tauer, Tom Ford, Tiffany, Dali

    Shipping is a flat $10 for regular airmail, or $13 for tracked airmail.

    Prices are fair and non-negotiable!
    However, only in the case that you want something really bad, but just can't afford it, you can try sending me an offer
    Annick Goutal Sables vintage splash - difficult to price this one. If you are interested, chances are you have a figure in mind so send me an offer.

    See pics below for level, and if you can't see the pic, send me your email and I will send you the photos.

    Bogue Maai44/50ml refill bottle - $160
    I thought I could handle powerhouse animalics. Maai is just too much for one man to handle.

    Etro Ambra 55/100ml $60
    My spouse's. Shhh. She never uses it.

    Frederic Malle Bois D'Orage 20/50ml $50
    Used to love this one and then I stopped caring for dry, fresh, green, manly scents.

    Frederic Malle Une Rose - 99/100ml $220
    BEST ROSE EVER! However, it puts me into a gender identity crisis every time I wear it.

    Lagerfeld Eau de Toilette vintage 55/60ml $50
    A substitute for Fumerie Turque. Shouldn't be selling this one either.

    MFK CPLS 185/200ml $155
    I love it more than many other things, but every time I want to wear it, I reach for Cuir Ottoman or Masque Tango.

    Mona di Orio Eau Absolue 75/100ml $90
    Good but confusing. I can't live with a scent that is both clean and dirty at the same time.

    Tiffany for Men Cologne (vintage) 50/50ml splash $70
    This is too 90's/ for me. If that's your thing, then it is actually a really good and inoffensive tobacco.

    Tom Ford Sahara Noir 50ml missing one spray, my backup bottle, $110
    Really shouldn't be selling this one.

    Salvador Dali Pour Homme vintage 45/50ml $50
    Weirdness in a bottle.


    Looking for Bottles or decants of:
    Coze and many things by PG
    LM Patchouli, Ambre Muscadin, Epin Mortelle
    Patchouli Luxe
    Anubis and the rest of Papillon
    Epic extrait
    Slh 2022 generation homme
    Slh Black gemstone
    Patchouliful Laboratorio Olfattivo
    Shaal Nur
    Armani Prive Myrrhe Imperiale
    Vero Profumo
    Attached Images Attached Images
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    Default Re: Bogue, Masque, HdP, Diptique et al


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    Default Re: Bogue, Masque, HdP, Diptique et al


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