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    Default Has anybody purchased anything by Stanley Lewis?

    I've been looking at some of the tie/sock combos and cufflinks on this site, and I was wondering if anybody on here was familiar with this brand.

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    Default Re: Has anybody purchased anything by Stanley Lewis?

    I'm not familiar with the company, they do have some great looking cuff links. I'm not sure if you are after a particular material, but my personal favorite dress socks, and best money I have spent on a dress sock hands down have been my pope socks. I don't recall how I stumbled across them, but they are apparently the same socks the pope wears (I'm not catholic so this is out of my range of expertise). The comfort level is wonderful, and the couple of pairs I have seem like they will hold up really well.

    I will say that the Lewis company has much more exciting color options going on though. Update with your thoughts if you bite the bullet.

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