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    Default Re: is there anything similar to armani code?

    Quote Originally Posted by blackened View Post
    Damn , I forgot this!!

    this is almost identical

    and is really much cheaper.
    Anyone else notice how similar the bottle looks, too?

    Quote Originally Posted by 1280adam View Post
    The dry down of Brit smells similar to Code, the top notes to me are straight up baby powder.

    But I agree with the post above about Polo Double Black. It's better in every way on me as a scent and far more versatile. That iced mango note blends perfectly with the ice coffee note.

    A while back, I smelled BOD Man Black and surprisingly it smells like Armani Code. It's just lighter and doesn't last nearly as long... did I just admit I was 'sampling' BOD Man scents ?!
    Guess I'll have to skip Brit.
    ...THANK YOU!!!! Thank you for posting that about BOD. For the past 4 months I've been trying to figure out what BOD Black smells like. I noticed most of their scents are copies of other scents (Fresh Guy = Reaction...Really Ripped Abs = Eternity)
    I prefer BOD black over Code to be honest...someone hurry up and make an EDT of this.

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    Default Re: is there anything similar to armani code?

    I am also a fan of Armani Code..just not sure I would want to try anything mentioned..I am thinking I will just want Code, lol. Polo Double Black is also a like...but I find it way fruity lately..that mango, I really detect it I think. So, the mango is putting me off a bit. I like mango..but not so much in a men's scent. It's so hard for me to find men's scents that I like!

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