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    Default Spraying on paper and other objects !

    hey guys !
    how are you all ?!

    After finally getting a lil happy with my frag collection, ive like really slowed down my purchases and i think i have somewhat of a decent collection.

    Now, the thing is ive just met a girl, and she's a beauty., like we clicked instantly and there was a lot of chemistry, and we understand each other well.
    now my question is, i was actually wanting to start of by writing her a letter, and how much she means to me.
    i want to write a letter instead of a card or an email, as it according to me has more meaning and emotion to it.
    now, i was thinking of spraying it with some of my perfume, so whenever she reads it, she gets a whiff and you guys know how the scent memory works better than me !

    So guys is it a good idea ? does paper hold fragrance ?
    plus ill be putting it on an envelope, so i will be spraying both of 'em. Do you think itll have the desired effect ?
    and also how many sprays do you think will be enough ?

    im putting down a list of the perfumes i own and whiich ones i think would be suited for this, ur free to check out my wardrobe if you want !
    thanks a million guys !

    l'eau d'issey pour homme

    Givenchy pour homme

    Thierry mugler Angel Men

    Chanel Allure Homme

    Chanel allure homme sport

    Bleu De Chanel

    Armani Sport Code

    Armani acqua di gio

    Ysl M7

    Versace pour homme

    Dior homme sport

    Vesace eau fraiche

    Diesel only the brave.

    P.S- i pretty much wore issey miyake with her for the first few time, but i just got versace pour homme and i think ill pretty much use it as my scent when im around here ?
    or does anything else from this list come close to it ?

    Also guys have you'll ever tried spraying frags on inanimate objects like chairs, wall, glass etc, and does ithold ?
    somebody told me inanimate objects hold a scent for a really long time !
    Please share your experiences guys, have a nice day

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    Default Re: Spraying on paper and other objects !

    I think it's a very nice thought and idea. Any scent you choose would be fine. As far as how long it will last, don't know.

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    Default Re: Spraying on paper and other objects !

    If you're gonna spray the letter, you should definitely spray A*Men on there, because it will smell the "most" once the paper has dried up. It's also a complete ladykiller as far as scent goes.

    DO IT.

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    Default Re: Spraying on paper and other objects !

    How romantic! Perfumed letters and notes are of course the staple of the romantic literature of centuries past. Can't do that with emails ...

    Paper holds perfume well. I would not exagerate, though, one or two sprays seem enough, you don't want to go overboard. Just a whiff. Also, spray first, then let dry, or the ink will get smudged. As for what, whatever she might associate you with.

    As for objects holding perfume, it depends. Cloth keeps perfume well, leather and fur even more. But metallic, smooth objects don't (eg glass or metal). Of course, scented handkerchiefs or fur stoles are another staple of romantic literature. Scented tissues, though, are not, though they keep the scent almost as well.


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    Default Re: Spraying on paper and other objects !

    @hednic : thanks a lot, i shall give the selection some thought

    - - - Updated - - -

    @Kenta: when i saw my wardrobe for the first time to decide, that was what caught my eye, its just that i had this weird thought, that if i use my signature scent on it, and i also wear it when im with her, the effect would be a lil more deeper for her, please correct me if im wrong

    - - - Updated - - -

    @cacio : yeah is'nt it a good idea ?!
    i got it from my parents, my dad use to send scented letters to my mum all the time
    and thanks for the tips on how to spray, i was a little confused, thanks for clearing my doubts

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    Default Re: Spraying on paper and other objects !

    Paper keeps the fragrance for a while. I used to save some paper strips of perfumes I ilked between pages of my books and they smeeld amazingly good! A spray of M7 and she'll fall in love for you.

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    Default Re: Spraying on paper and other objects !

    Very romantic.

    From experience, I'd suggest spritzing the paper, letting it dry, then writing. If you spritz afterwards, it may cause the ink to run (depending on the kind of pen / ink you are using).

    Another option, if you're using a fountain pen (or similar) is to mix a small amount of perfume with the actual ink. It takes some experimentation to find the right ratio, but can work well. Just don't use your best pen for this.

    Good Luck!

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    Default Re: Spraying on paper and other objects !

    Wonderfully romantic, I'd use Versace pour Homme since you said that, at this time, it's the scent that you intend to use around her. And, I'd add a P.S. in your letter to explain that noble gesture.

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    Default Re: Spraying on paper and other objects !

    Good idea and I used get perfumed love letters from a previous girlfriend and it does leave a impression.
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    Default Re: Spraying on paper and other objects !

    Versace pour homme has great longevity for me. I have some sample cards that have held a frag for 2 weeks, if you sniff hard. I once had a girl write me a perfumed letter 23 years ago, and there is still a very faint trace of the cologne on the paper!!
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    Default Re: Spraying on paper and other objects !

    @ alvus : thank you !
    the book idea is pretty neat

    - - - Updated - - -

    @gandhajala : im actualy gonna be using a black gel pen, so ill keep it in mind
    i think the fountain pen idea is good, you seem to talk outta experience

    - - - Updated - - -

    @ dollars&scents
    yeah, thank you soo much for your time
    Versace it is,

    - - - Updated - - -

    @Jack Hunter : thanks jack, i hope it has the desired effect

    - - - Updated - - -

    @Possum-Pie: is that so ?!
    its funny how, these "chemicals" leave such a drastic and long impression.
    for me they are more than just chemical's, its a way of life

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    Default Re: Spraying on paper and other objects !

    Hi Fraghead93,

    The idea of a perfumed love letter is very romantic and one I am sure she will cherish a long time but why spoil it will bad grammar, lack of punctuation and the unnecessary insertion of "like" throughout? I hope it goes well for you and we would like to know what you chose and how she reacted.

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    Default Re: Spraying on paper and other objects !

    Any scent should work. Definitely "prime" the paper (spray before you write). A*Men would probably last the longest, but IMO it does not smell as nice on paper.

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    Default Re: Spraying on paper and other objects !

    Women used to do this all the time. I recommend just spraying the letter and not the envelope. That way when she opens the letter, the smell will unfold. Much more romantic that way.

    Out of the fragrances you have, I would recommend Chanel Allure because I think it's the sexiest, but Versace PH isn't a bad choice either.

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    Default Re: Spraying on paper and other objects !

    @I am Snapper: Hey !
    i see your concern for the lack of grammar, but my post here was a little off on the grammar because i had to meet her 5 hours later and wanted your opinions before that.
    The letter i wrote was perfect on the language part, did it in one shot, no cancellations or errors of any kind, and the only way that was possible, was to write straight from my heart.
    QUOTE: "your handwriting, its oo oldschoolpoetic, maybe back from the 20th century. It has the same fragrance that you do and i could go on sniffing it for an eternity, thank you for giving me something to hold on when i miss you, something that capture your prescence in an eternal and timeless manner"

    Im not mentioning what i wrote because its really personal, and what she loved about the letter the most were the words of course, but Versace Pour Homme was the magician that conjured this trick. It makes me happy that i got the reaction i was hoping for, and this set my apart from the "other guys" (p.s im 19 and she's 20). Versace just added the S to the Special.

    - - - Updated - - -

    @ 2ndBakeryAttack: thanks for your answer muc appreciated
    i actually sprayed the envelope too, but now all she said to me last night is that her whole cupboard reminded me of her

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    Default Re: Spraying on paper and other objects !

    Hi fraghead93,

    Thank you for your response. It is so good to hear that your letter worked wonderfully. You must be very pleased with its efficacy. As you say the best way was to write straight from your heart and clearly it has achieved L'Eveil du Coeur in her.
    Hopefully as the years go by and she collects your billets-doux there will be something to show your (grand)children what a romantic you are! I wish you every happiness.


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    Default Re: Spraying on paper and other objects !

    @I am Snapper :

    That means a lot
    I do really hope to see the nostalgia on her face, 10 years down the line
    Thanks For The Support

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    Default Re: Spraying on paper and other objects !

    do it!!! its so sweet!!!!!

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