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    Hello Basenoters,

    The other week I received Trussardi Inside Man and while I like it I find it ends rather too quickly for me. My skin soaks up fragrances terribly. My love of coffee and tobacco scents led me to try something.

    A few days ago I began by spraying one shot of Bell' Antonio by Soliani to the chest and then adding Inside Man. I found the stark tobacco of the Soliani worked well with the sweeter Trussardi.

    Today I tried two short shots of BA and added a good half dozen shots of IM and found a lovely balance.

    Later in the day I found the fragrance gently wafting from time to time and thought it smelled familiar. I then realised it reminded me of Dolce & Gabbana PH. I do feel a cold coming on so I hope this hasn't thrown my smell out too much but while I hardly ever layer this combination works wonderfully for me and my wife loves it!

    Just wanted to share.

    Best wishes,

    La vita breve, la morte vien.

    Wanted!!! Rectoverso Tea Tobacco by Ulric de Varens. PM Me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Default Re: Interesting....

    Trussardi Inside Man is a manly and well-balanced, albeit light, fragrance, and I share your enthusiasm for it.

    If you found the right combo with it, so be it, and enjoy.

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