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    Default Tom Ford Private Blend

    I was looking for a sample of Noir de Noir, and came across a package of four 1 ml samples from Ford's Private Blend: Noir de Noir, Oud Wood, Arabian Wood, and Bois Marocain. The BN reviews are small on all of these. I'd be interested in anything you can tell me about any/all of them. What you like/dislike (and why, if you have time), the best seasons/times to wear them...anything at all. Thanks!!
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    Default Re: Tom Ford Private Blend

    I think it's a good set. Noir de Noir, as you know, is a chocolatey rose. Oud Wood was perhaps the first straightforward niche oud to appear in western perfumery, and is a good, realistic synth oud, with all the main notes firmly in place (wood, band-aid, animalic); it makes a good intro to oud. Bois Marocain, if I remember it correctly, is a rich sweetish woody (but I may be wrong here), and Arabian Wood didn't strike me as woody, more a rich floral, but I haven't smelled it carefully.

    I more or less liked them all; I own oud wood, and I think I'd be happy with Noir de noir and bois marocain as well, though I am not planning to buy them soon. These tend to be more on the warmer, stronger side, so stereotypically they're for cooler weather, though I don't see anything wrong with wearing them in the summer. For Noir de Noir, you need to be comfortable wearing roses, as the rose is big.


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    Default Re: Tom Ford Private Blend

    Tuscan Leather is the best from private blend collection for me at least

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    Default Re: Tom Ford Private Blend

    Noir de Noir by Tom Ford - One is initially treated to an intriguing, floral accord. A sensual rose, not a pretty and prim rose, but a dusty and dark rose, nicely commingles with enchanting saffron with its earthy, dried-flower and faintly honeyed facets. Transitioning to the accretive heart, a demure oud encapsulates the majestic rose with its medicinal, yet sweet, and lightly smoky elements. Black truffle sprinkles the rose with its musky earthiness with hints of some dirtiness. Segueing to the alluring base, tree moss infuses the melange with its terpentine-like, pine-needle aura adding a touch of mouldiness. Versatile patchouli imparts its slightly spicy and musty, peat moss character. A vanilla adds its woody and semi-sweet aspects. And, a faint cocoa smell flutters about. The interplay of the foregoing leads to an enticing drydown. This elegant, unisex composition is high quality and well blended. Bordering on the dramatic, this dark and sensuous scent has good projection and very good longevity.

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