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Thread: Making Bakhoor?

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    Default Making Bakhoor?

    Hi All

    This is a bit of a long shot, but I was wondering whether anyone had any idea how one can go about making their own Bakhoor? You can get the already scented Agarwood etc, but does anyone here know where one can get unscented wood chips, or if there is a way to make Bakhoor, so that I can use the fragrance oil that I have created myself? I want to make a Bakhoor using my own fragrance. Any in put would be much appreciated

    Thank you!

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    I don't know much about Bakoor or making any sort of Joss stick or incense; but I do know that the right solvent it vital. No DPG. You need something that will burn well, and not attract water. As to which fragrance materials work the best, guess you will have to experiment. Why not try using the wood chips you can buy where you get stuff for the barbecue? Indeed I have seen incense burners using charcoal rather than wood. Sorry that I can't be more helpful.

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    There was a guy in the Oud Lovers group on here who sells bakhoor. Maybe you could post a thread in that group, you might get more responses.
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    Thanks David Ruskin and Renegade for your replies Yes, of course there is an Oud Lovers Group! I even posted in there a while back, and I totally forgot about it! Thanks so much!

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    I do know that the Somalis make their bakhoor with sugar. They also use sandalwood chips, frankincense resin (lubaan), and myrrh resin (malmal). Then they add a perfume oil (attar) of choice. Hope this helps.

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    Ahhhhhh thats great, Abu Ayoob - thanks you so much! I did a bit of research apparently you can use makko powder, which is a main ingredient in incense Thank you!

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